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Chromebook Pixel to debut intelligent photo app

Google hopes to pique photographers' interest with some photo-centric features available for Chromebook Pixel.

Google's new touchscreen laptop the Chromebook Pixel is designed for visual appeal: the 12.85 inch, 3:2 format screen boasts a 239 ppi display -- the highest pixel density of any laptop screen on the market today. The touch interface could be a plus for photographers who literally want a hands-on experience when editing their images. There's plenty of ports for uploading images (two USB 2.0 ports, a mini display port and a SD/MMC card reader) and capacity to store large file formats: Pixel includes a 32GB hard drive on the Wi-Fi only version or 64GB drive for the LTE model, and comes with a terabyte of Google Drive cloud storage for three years.

Shutterbugs may also be lured in by the promise of a very interesting new photo app that will be available first to Pixel users, according to a report from Endgadget

A new Photos app for the Chromebook Pixel will automatically begin uploading full-resolution images from an SD card insterted into the laptop to the user's Google+ account. G+ social features are integrated into the UI. The app is also supposedly capabable of intelligently selecting your best shot, filtering out blurry images or incorrectly exposed images. We'll look forward to testing just how smart this software is -- will your panned action shots or artistically blown-out highlights make the cut? 

While only initially available for Pixel, the app will be available for other Chromebooks eventually. 

The Wi-Fi version of the Pixel, priced at $1,299 U.S. and £1,049 UK, is available from Google Play and will begin shipping next week. Only U.S. pricing and shipping schedules are currently available for the LTE version, priced at $1,449 and expected to begin shipping in April. The device will be sold through soon, and select retail store locations, Best Buy (U.S.) and Currys PC World (U.K.), will offer hands-on displays. 


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Being the happy .owner of a 1TB usb drive, I'd happily never use their temporarily free cloud storage: I hate the idea of free introductory subscriptions, especially this one - once your data is there, it's a bother and a mess to recover it and take back ownership. I'd use this tablet though as it sounds nice, just maybe not at that price! With a quad core 2.4ghz 17"screen laptio going for less than half the price of this, I'm still trying to figure out how, in that context, this would be more visually appealing, no matter how many dots they cram into a small 13" display.

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I hope someone comes up with an app that automatically blocks all app attempts to automatically transfer anything to anywhere until the owner decides to do it... ;-/

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