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GoPro's iOS and Android apps updated with social sharing


GoPro has updated its iOS and Android apps with more robust control and sharing capabilities, allowing you to share pictures and videos directly to the usual social networks.

In addition to viewing the content stored on your Hero3 (or Hero2 with the Wi-Fi add-on) and changing settings like resolution and framerate, users can now share clips and stills without leaving the app. Right now it supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as email and text, but it's indicated that support for other apps is on its way as well.

Windows Phone users, unfortunately, are left out of this update for now. And there are some limitations: check here to see which resolutions and framerates can be viewed and shared on which devices.

The GoPro app is free to download for iOS and Android devices.


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Why did you stop posting to Google+?


I totally gave up on the GoPro App when it first came out. It simply didn't work.

I tried it again the other day and I was shocked at how useful it was. You can now use the GoPro 3 Black as a security camera.

Best $400 I ever spent.

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