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Mobile Photography Awards seek entries

A Horse in the Forest at Dawn by Todd Lee was selected as Founders Choice in the Mobile Photography Awards last year.

The submission period for the annual Mobile Photography Awards is now open, and this year a photographer of the year will be chosen and awarded a $3,000 top prize.

“The MPAs are modeled after traditional photo competitions in that we have multiple categories, notable judges and the goal of bringing attention to the artists and the medium,” said awards founder Daniel Berman.

Participants may submit their work for consideration in 20 different categories. Four special categories are open this year, including a Connect with DPReview category.

This year’s categories are focused less on apps and more on subjects, Berman explained.

“The other big addition is the inaugural ArtHaus Photo Essay,” Berman said. “We want to encourage mobile photographers to think thematically and work on generating a coherence to a particular set of photos.”

The best photo essay in this category will receive a $500 award.

Mobile photographers are encouraged to submit their entries at The submissions period ends on Dec. 15.

You can view a slideshow of the 2011 winners on the MPA website.


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Does anyone know what the entry fee is for? My enthusiasm for entering would vary depending on whether the proceeds went say to charity, vs. 100% to fund administrative costs and prizes vs. is a major profit-maker for the organization running the competition, even after paying out for admin and prizes. I see entry fees more and more for photo competitions which years ago was not the norm. I always wonder what they are for. One could easily spend $100s per year on such fees, which could be spend on photos or gear or other things.

Alexander Savin

I'd probably submit something, but having to pay for granting them (free) viewing rights for my pics is sort of stopping me :D


Hi Alexander,

I'm not sure what you mean by free viewing rights. If your images are chosen for exhibit and are sold you get 50% of all revenue. Last year we sold many thousands of dollars of limited editions at our exhibits - many, many very happy artists!

We hope you'll reconsider and we are always available to answer any questions you may have via the contact form on our main page :)


I think it would have been helpful for the article to note there is an entry fee. Yes, it is on the site's page but it seems like an odd omission.


Jesus, someone play a flute and harp to go with that shot please.

Total comments: 5
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