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The Impossible Project soldiers on, with help from Apple

The Impossible Instant Lab takes your smartphone photos from digital to analog.

Is the Impossible Project, well, impossible?

Nick Spence, a writer for, recently explored that question during an event hosted by representatives from The Impossible Project, which took on the task of keeping Polaroid instant film in production when it purchased the last Polaroid production plant in 2008.

Held at the Apple Store at Covent Garden, London, participants were invited to try out The Impossible Instant Lab, a Kickstarter-funded device that prints smartphone photos onto The Impossible Project's instant film. (Learn more and watch a video that shows how it works here.) While shooting with an old-school instant camera and fairly expensive instant film is likely to ever only appeal to a niche group of lomo fans, the Instant Lab's smartphone element may attract an audience broad enough to keep The Impossible Project alive.

The Instant Lab operates via an app that is currently iPhone only, but creators say an Android version is on the way.

As of the latest update on its Kickstarter page, production of all units for Kickstarter backers is complete and shipping is in progress. No details yet on when the device will be available via retail, but a promo event at an Apple Store seems like a good sign, and you can sign up for the latest news about the Instant Lab here.

You can read more about Nick Spence's encounter with The Impossible Instant Lab on


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It's not "analog" photography. It's film photography. That said, this project is beyond stupid.


This is cool.


Way too much hate in this thread for a company that is single-handedly keeping Polaroid photography alive.


Erm, you mean after Fujifilm right?


Stop being logical. This is about /art/, don'tcha know?


Wayyyy too much time on their hands ...


So they don't know the existence of small, battery-powered photo printers already being sold at less than $100?

Stupid people are stupid.

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And people actually paid for this...

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I have a much better and cheaper solution. I would buy a 10$ disposable camera with film from CVS or Walgreens and have them develop the film for me.

It will save me money and misery from using iPhone and any of its useless accessory or device for photography.

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