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G-Form's G90 case turns smartphones into GoPros

The G90 lets you capture photos and video from the top of your smartphone.

G-Form, a company known for rugged smartphone cases, is now offering a case that essentially turns your smartphone into a GoPro camera.

Due out in June for the Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, iPod touch generation 5 and other smartphones, the G90 features a 140-degree wide-angle lens attachment that converts the phone’s rear-facing camera into one which captures the action from the top of the device. A compatible app helps you control capture via voice commands, and can also correct the perspective of the wide-angle images. The G90 provides a sturdy waterproof plastic casing around the phone, and offers additional protection using G-Form’s Reactive Protection Technology (RPT) to cushion the device from impact.

We saw a prototype of the G90 on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Representatives demonstrated how the slim profile of the G90 could be mounted to a helmet, bike handles or even underneath a skateboard.

The G90 case will be available beginning June 2013; pricing information was not yet available.

G-Form uses a special cushioning material to protect mobile devices with its line of smartphone and tablet cases, as well as athletes with its protective athletic wear.
The G90 is shown mounted to a helmet. The case's thin profile will allow it to capture action stills and video from tight spots, including underneath a skateboard.


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@oldarrow: take a look at panasonic's new competitor to gopro... much better!


You meant the HM-TA20? It does look good, presumably works well too, but (for my applications) lacks very much in depth pressure resistance. Water-resistant to 3 meters is tub & shower protection, and sure keeps out the dust, but not what the GoPro models offer. Granted, it can be nicely adapted for paragliding and other above-water usage, if it weren't for its lack of accessories... Offering only a 1/4" tripod screw point means I'd have to construct my own element(s) for any given mount. And if you meant the good-looking HX-WA10D, I'd be confronted with same problems. So, for now...


So far, the GoPro rules, since it's protective casing offers much greater application range, especially depth pressure resistance.
Actually, the only thing GoPro could do better is to incorporate the camera electronics right into the casing (non-separable). That would allow for even smaller overall dimensions, and also better streamlining, all other specs remaining the same.
There would be a single access hatch at the rear (for battery, memory card, contacts and desiccant), and such redesign is an opportunity to replace all switches with magnetic reed-relays (eliminating the holes through the case)... Maybe it's worth considering.

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If priced right and functional, this is a fantastic concept and I imagine it'll sell quite well.

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