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Last day for our Connect photo contest!


There's just hours remaining in the the Connect photo contest

Be sure to submit your photo by 11:59 p.m. PST October 24, 2012, for a chance to win our $5,000 grand prize! Second place will receive $3,000, and four honorable mention winners will be awarded $500.

Post your submission on Instagram with the hashtag #dprconnect, and use our online form to officially enter the competition.

Remember our theme: We want to know what "connect" means to you. Show us how you connect with others through mobile photography. Share with us how this new medium fostered a sense of connection and community among those creating, sharing and enjoying images through "smart" phones and cameras, and image-sharing platforms.

Winners will be announced next month.




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I submitted my photo long before the last date, but I didn't get any confirmation mail. Is there any way to check if my Photo was received?


Dear JosephineForte
I have already submitted a photo for the contest.
Is possible to see, now, all the photo of the contest?
Best regards
Gianni Tortiglione


Be careful with pictures of Atomium. (like the one posted in the link for connect). I was prosecuted by the owners of IP rights based on the fact that pictures of the Atomium (Brussels) are IP protected ..

I kwow, silly ... :(


I'm facing the same issue, tried Mac - Chrome, Safari, Camino
Window7/8 - IE, FF, Chrome
Samsung Tablet (Android) - Chrome, FF, Native Browser
S3 - Chrome, FF, Native Browser

All failed to submit. Can please help to assist? Can I send it via email instead?

Parinita Salian

Josephine we received your email with the image and entry details. So you are all set :)


there's no way to add pictures... I was trying several pictures from several computers and there's always only hang - please wait submitting... sometimes there's red information - The file you selected does not appear to be a valid JPEG image. My photo is a standard JPEG, the type I´ve submitted in years. I was trying Chrome, Firefox, MSIE - no way to add picture. is there another way to add our pics? could I sent it via email with all personal data needed to complete form on add site? pls help

Parinita Salian

We have fixed the bugs. Try uploading again via the contest page. It should work. If not, email us the photograph with the contest form to Apologies for the inconvenience.

Total comments: 7
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