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Rumor round up: Bloggers buzz about Samsung's next move

A tougher "Active" version of the S4 has been "leaked" as shown on GSM Arena.

Unsatisfied with Google's smartphone announcements (or lack thereof) at I/O, the Android blogosphere is looking forward to the next device from Samsung. Leaks and rumors abound as tech bloggers speculate about everything from a "mini" version of the flagship Galaxy S4 device to a new smartphone with optical zoom not unlike the Galaxy Camera. We've trawled tech news to compile a roundup of the likeliest rumors and, as usual, if any come true, we will be here to fill you in on all the details.

Galaxy S4 Active expected to be dust- and waterproof

While Galaxy phones are not exactly the most fragile smartphones out there (I'm looking at you, sleek and oh-so-shatterable iPhones), the S4 may not be an ideal device for users who want to carry a case-free phone without stressing about damage. But a rumored S4 Active would put Samsung in a place to compete with waterproof phones like the Xperia ZR and the newly-released Kyocera Hydro Edge. Details are fuzzy, but an 8-megapixel camera looks likely.

Galaxy S4 Mini likely

If Samsung follows the formula they created with the Galaxy S3's launch, we should be seeing a smaller, more affordable "mini" version of the S4 any day now. Depending on which blog you read, the S4 Mini will have a 540x960p or 720x1280p display. Most news sources agree a S4 Mini will come in at a not-so-tiny 4.3-inches and will pack an 8MP camera. In comparison, the Galaxy S3 Mini has a 4-inch, 480x800 display, and 5MP camera. The S4 Mini is expected to be released at the end of May, or next month, depending on who you ask.

The Galaxy S3 Mini featured a 5MP rear-facing camera. What would a rumored S4 Mini have in store? 

'Galaxy S4 Zoom' rumored to have 16MP camera with optical zoom

Tracing tech rumors can be tricky; a small bit of information can quickly transform into blatant sensationalism. The story of the so-called Galaxy S4 Zoom is no different.

It all started with a tip sent to Samsung blog SamMobile on May 7. SamMobile's "exclusive" stated that a new phone from Samsung will feature a 16MP camera, and then mentioned that the Galaxy Camera also has a 16MP camera. The rumor included the model number — SM-C1010 — but did not outright say that the device would have an optical zoom. Instead, it claimed the device would be named the "Galaxy S4 Zoom." Other blogs were quick to snatch up the news, adding that the new Galaxy S4 Zoom device could have optical zoom. The rumor has snowballed futher, supported here and there by other potentially relevant facts and leaks. We are hopeful that an optical zoom smartphone will be available in the future but will this "Galaxy S4 Zoom" device will be it?

We reviewed the Galaxy Camera earlier this year. Will a new phone feature optical zoom?


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I am very interested in a Galaxy S4 Zoom. However, I was expecting more of a regular Galaxy S4 with a bigger sensor and optical zoom, not a chopped down mini version that compromises the big screen and powerful hardware. The poor image quality of the Galaxy Camera is also weighing heavily against it. The rumored qHD display is very disappointing. The upcoming Nokia EOS and the rumored Honami will make this season very interesting for camera phones. This year will be the year when mobile phone cameras grow up to rival even the best point and shoot ones.


"While Galaxy phones are not exactly the most fragile smartphones out there (I'm looking at you, sleek and oh-so-shatterable iPhones)"

Go check drop test on the internet. Good thing you are kinda cute and gadget review is not your primary source of income otherwise you will be writing non-sense.


Groceries, apartment complexes, life insurance, cars, shopping centres, electronics, home appliances, shipping, manufacturing, construction arms and more - I can't think of a more boring company to buzz about.

It's like buzzing about grass: "Dude, it's all over the place, everywhere! I wonder what new bit of dirt is going to get some this time? Will it be green?"

Seriously, Samsung do everything. I can't think of a reason to get excited by such an unfocused hodgepodge.

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You forgot squeezing apples into juice.


And yet, you did buzz about buzzing. If you don't like it, ignore it instead of drawing MORE attention to it..

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