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Nokia declares October 20th International Mobile Photography Day


Clear your calendars, folks. As declared by Nokia, this Sunday (10/20, get it?) is now International Mobile Photography Day. To celebrate, Nokia is asking smartphone photographers to join Associated Press photojournalists and contribute to its "mobile photo documentary." For a shot at fame and glory, tweet your photos of life's unexpected moments with the hashtag #1020MobilePhotoDay, and Nokia may pick your photo to include in its video.

From Nokia's official Blog:

In recognition of the evolving digital photography revolution, Nokia calls on photographers everywhere to grab their smartphones and celebrate with us on October 20 as we mark the first International Mobile Photography Day, a day dedicated to capturing all those once-in-a-lifetime, unexpected moments.  Moments immediately immortalized and shared because now, people have the convenience of having a camera on hand, always, thanks to mobile phones. To mark the occasion, we secured some people whose very livelihood depends on almost instinctively capturing unexpected moments on film: staff photographers from the Associated Press. 

We provided AP photojournalists around the globe with our Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone and asked them to contribute to our “mobile photo documentary,” a series of photos from people all around the world depicting the most brilliant examples of life’s unexpected moments.  The best-of-the-best photos will then be turned into a compelling “Life Unexpected” video.


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By (unknown member) (Oct 21, 2013)

Who are Nokia? Didn't they used to make mobile phones in the olden days?


Hmmm, too late, I already declared it on October 12th.


if i post what I think of this idea of no kia,
moderation reject my comment.
plain and simple.

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I like these stereotypes created by ... commercial ... partying official days of whatever. Hasselblad will create the official day of medium format, large format Sinar with ... will not suffice the world day of photography? More annoying is anyone still feeding these things.
Ok, it was Coca-Cola invented Santa Claus...gezzzz....


As said the right day should be 8.08

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