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College Humor parodies Instagram and Nickelback simultaneously

"Look at this Instagram" video from College Humor makes fun of Instagram, Nickelback and photo filters.

In what could be the best Instagram parody yet, College Humor took Nickelback's 2005 hit "Photograph" and added lyrics that will make both lovers and haters of Instagram laugh out loud. The song features such inspired lyrics as "Started out as a lemon tart / Then my phone went and made it art" and the chorus of:

Every time I take a photo of an old door,
Every sign out in front of an abandoned store
It's such a thrill to add a filter
Lo-fi, lo-fi.

Check out the video. (Just a warning, there is some foul language.)


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IMO it's a nice attempt to get back at all who think cameras make photographers, and feel no urge to actually learn something before u(n? p?)loading to the net. Spot on.


Wait, show that girl again....


So, they actually parody lazy photography done with "instant" filters by writing lazy comedy rhymes dubbed over music made by someone else? Instahumor vs. Instagram...Wow! about palimpsest irony.


I guess we just found the guy who depends on instagram to call himself a photographer!

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Total comments: 4
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