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Dropbox app update allows multiple photo sharing

iOS Dropbox users can now share multiple photos at once.

File hosting and sharing service Dropbox has been gradually improving its image viewing and sharing features. Between its web hosting platform and mobile apps, Dropbox has emerged as a popular choice for photographers. An update launched yesterday for Dropbox's free iOS app allows users to share multiple photos at once.

Just tap the Photos icon at the bottom of the screen to view all the images in your Dropbox account, tap the Share icon, then tap each image to select it. These image sets can be shared via email, text, Facebook message or post, Twitter or copied as a link to your clipboard.

Dropbox's full list of changes in version 2.3:

• Easily share a link to a folder
• Swipe on any file to quickly share, move, delete, or favorite
• Select and share multiple photos with your family, friends, and other humans
• Bug fixes and other magical performance improvements to keep you happy


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I'm up to like 22GB on my free account between the small bonuses you can get thru the tutorial and liking them on FB/Twitter etc (2.xGB), the full referral bonus (16GB), and an extra 2GB bonus for owning an HTC phone (tho that one expires next year I think).

It's fairly trivial to place a Google Adwords ad with your referral link and max out that bonus over the course of a weekend for $20-30... Dropbox really needs a lower tier paid plan tho, most people balk at paying $10/month for storage and Google Drive's plans start at 5/mo.

I'd probably be paying for Google Drive if it weren't for the fact that I've got 20GB+ on my free Dropbox account, another 25GB on my free/grandfathered Skydrive aching, and then another 50GB on my $25/year Amazon account (with unlimited storage for music). :p

As much as I like Drpbox's usability and polish, at some point I might decide I really need 100GB+ on a single account tho and Google will end up with my money by default, just because pricing's much more competitive.


Dropbox has to be the best online Cloud solution out there, but you really need the paid version, unless...
If you can't afford it right now, just recommend to a few friends - you get a 500mb boost each time, up to a total of 16Gb.
I got up to 11Gb, which is not bad for free!


I really like Dropbox and I like the way they are impoving their service. Good job!

Total comments: 3
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