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Photo of Obama hug sets Facebook record


This is officially the most "liked" photo in Facebook history.

As reported, the image of American President Barack Obama hugging his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, was shared via the president's Facebook page last night with the caption "four more years" shortly after the president's reelection was secured.

Facebook confirmed the photo broke the record for the most "likes" ever garnered by an image on the social networking site after it surpassed 2.1 million likes. Nearly 3.4 million people had liked the image as of this post with almost 430,000 people sharing the image. 



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This is very engaging photograph, yes.

...but, in what respects to photojournalism as an specialized activity, this is NOT an exceptional photo.

...I mean, they were the obvious subject and the photographer, probably being from his campaign staff, obviously had the most important single ingredient for a successful photo: Access.

His/her job was to point the camera and just wait for something to happen. He/she would have grossly failed on his/her job if the moment was not captured.

...But, If 100 PJs were allowed the same access we would have had 100 twin photos.

If we could see a general, establishing shot of the same moment and its location, some more creative/narrative perspectives could probably be identified.


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The photographer is most likely-----Sasha or Malia Obama!!!!!!


The American taxpayer has just paid $6 bn dollars for the elections. That's almost $2000 dollars for each of the 3 million likes. I think I could get a cheaper deal.


Joe Taxpayer did not pay anything close to $6B... assuming you're talking about the huge amount of money spent on ads, and campaigning. Elections are not publicly funded in this country. That's what Citizens United is all about; the fact that all the money is private and anonymously given by mega-rich donors (no transparency or accountability for the ads). Believe me it's a tax they're more than happy to pay in order to manipulate our elections and public opinion.

It is a great picture though. I wish him well against an angry, obstructionist House run in too large a part, by an unelected lobbyist who is owed 0 allegiance from any rep other than his own (Grover Norquist).

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If you don't like how much money is being spent on elections, complain to the GOP leaning Supreme Court and their Citizens United decision (coming soon to a Constitutional Amendment near you, unless the Republicans block it).

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The Obamas show their human side in a heartfelt way all too rarely seen from those who have occupied the White House. Nicely done by whoever the photographer was.

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FWIW, it's very nice you looked at the people, gave it a serious thought about its rarity and offered a bit of praise for the shooter. I don't care for Mitt Romney (as opposed to hate him which is nuts) but if there were a similar picture here of the two of them, I'm sure we'd beable to compliment the image without a political diatribe. Thanks.


Of course! ;)

You're welcome.

Abdullah M

But who photograph it?

Erin Lodi

At this point, it's simply been attributed to the Obama campaign. We'll certainly share more if we learn the individual photographer's name.

Total comments: 10
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