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Phillips showcases photo sharing via TV, high-tech baby monitors

The In.Sight baby monitor reads the humidity and temperature of the room and will send alerts if it gets too hot or too cold.

Phillips announced a new photo sharing system at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that allows Nexus and Galaxy smartphone users to send images directly to their 2013 Phillips televisions. By using point-to-point wifi, photos and video can be sent straight to the TV instead of going through a wireless router.

The point-to-point video streaming is quicker than it would be through a router, but it's not instantaneous. The demonstrator at Phillip's booth even noted that it had a fraction of a second's delay when starting and stopping the phone video. In addition to the ability to stream video to your TV, you can now also stream your TV's video to your phone or tablet as long as it is within wifi range.

The Phillips booth also showcased one of the most advanced baby monitor systems we saw at the show. Plenty of retailers displayed both home security and baby monitor systems at CES, including the iBaby, which allows parents to keep an eye on their child while at work, and Keenhigh’s baby monitor streams infrared night vision video and measures room temperature. But Phillips took the high-tech baby monitor trend one step further with the In.Sight.

In.Sight streams HD video to an iPhone or iPad and can be sent to multiple devices at once so more than one parent can watch the monitor. If parents want to hook up more cameras, they can view up to 16 camera feeds at once. The In.Sight also reads the humidity and temperature of the room and will send alerts if it gets too hot or too cold. The In.Sight is now available for $169.99 from U.S. electronics retailers.


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