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Lightt looking brighter in version 2.0


Lightt has gone from an iOS app that combined about 13 still images into a 10 second clip without sound to one that captures actual video — with sound. Single clips can be captured up to almost 20 seconds (our test clip was 18.2 seconds) but it’s easy to continue shooting and adding footage. And you can combine any of your clips into a single, longer video. A high-speed option is available, but you’ll lose the sound.

New, too, are editing options including effects filters such as B&W, Sepia, Saturated and Chalk, to name just a few. Want to share your world with adoring fans? Lightt videos can now be uploaded directly to Tumblr, and you can check in with FourSquare, too. Sharing to Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Lightt's social network and Channels are still available.

When we spoke with Lightt co-founder, Alex Mostoufi, last October right before Lightt (v. 1.0) was released he and his team had big plans for the app and, although we were a little skeptical based on the initial release, Lightt 2.0 is certainly a major step forward. Moustoufi told us at that time that Lightt, with its open API, was built to be expanded onto all devices. It seems that Vine, with its recently released Android version, beat Lightt to the punch in that regard but, hopefully, Lightt won’t be too far behind. 


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Makes little sense... a 20 second video clip... who uses this stuff?

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The article is mistaken. Each clip can be up to 60 seconds, and the app places no limit on the number of clips that you post. That doesn't seem terribly restrictive to me.

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