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Blackberry Z10 video walk-through leaked on Austrian website

Blackberry Z10 in operation. Photo: Telekom Presse

Canadian device manufacturer Research in Motion is going to publicly launch its much anticipated Blackberry 10 OS and devices at a press event on January 30th. However, prior to the launch a lot of information is already available all over the internet. An Austrian website has now published a seven minute long video walk-through of the new Z10 smartphone. The video is in German (with a charming Austrian accent) which gives me the rare opportunity to apply my German language skills on the job.

According to the video the Z10 will have a 4.2-inch 720p touchscreen which, given the recent annuncements of various 5-inch 1080p devices, is unusually small and low resolution for a top-end device. It'll be powered by 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and images can be captured with an 8MP camera and LED-flash. 2GB RAM are accompanied by 16GB of storage memory.

After listing the specs the presenter goes on to demonstrate the operation of the BB10 OS. You can swipe from every edge of the screen to open a task manager, clock screen, the Blackberry messaging-hub and other screens. Apparently there is also going to be a part two of this video, looking in more detail at the apps and speech operation features. However, the sequel has not surfaced on the web yet at this point (via Wired).

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Z10 is a stupid name...I can't believe they haven't introduced a BlackBerry Pi model to help resurrect the company.


Happy to see a 4,2" 1280 display on a top end device.
And the Nokia's stepchild the N9 has been a great source of inspiration for the UI which is a good thing.

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By (unknown member) (Jan 16, 2013)

Oh please......

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