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Google+ reaches out to photographers with new imaging features

Google+ now recognizes objects in your photos and automatically categorizes them.
You can search your photos based on Google's photo recognition.

At an event today in San Francisco, Google announced a bevy of forthcoming features on its social networking site Google+ that will be a boon to photographers: full-resolution photo backups for iOS users, improved search through advanced photo recognition software and better image editing tools.

In addition to the the new features, Google gave the media some impressive stats. Google+ has 540 million active monthly users worldwide who upload 1.5 billion photos each week. This surpasses Twitter's user base, but still falls short of Facebook. As a photo sharing service, Google+ has revealed itself to be more of a direct competitor to Flickr and 500px than originally projected.

Here are a few of the new photo tools in Google+, as listed in its official blog:

  • For starters, full size backups and background sync are coming soon to Google+ for iOS. This way you can backup your photos as you take them.
  • In addition, finding your photos is actually fun. We now recognize over a thousand different objects—from sunsets to snowmen—so you can just type what you’re looking for, and find matching items in your library.
  • Auto Enhance improves each photo you add to Google+, and now you can now dial the enhancements up or down. If you’re already processing your images elsewhere, you can choose to exempt an album entirely.
  • If you like to edit on the go, then you’ll enjoy Snapseed and its new HDR Scape filter. While high dynamic range (HDR) imaging requires multiple photos to create its effect, HDR Scape can deliver similar results with a single tap.
  • We’re also adding Analog Efex Pro to the Nik Collection (still just $149). With it you can reimagine your images using classic cameras and processing methods—from toy and medium format to wet plate and vintage.
Without Snapseed's new HDR Scape filter ...
... and with the new feature, already live in the iOS version of the app.

Google has also added three new features to its "Auto Awesome" tool. "Action" creates a strobe-like effect for moving objects, "Eraser" takes tourists out of your vacation photos and "Movie" creates highlight reels by combining your photos and videos with transition effects and a soundtrack.

Snapseed for iOS already has the HDR Scape filter and a new "shadows" slider available in the latest update. Google expects to roll out more photo and video improvements later this week.


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just get snapseed


Don't all the Google sites strip the metadata from images posted there? I know they used to do it, have they stopped? Or are they still doing it so no one can tell who took the photos while making it easier to steal them?


Might as well give the phone to a toddler and have them snap randomly.
"Remove the tourists from your photos." Oh bugger off...


Used to be a big fan of Picasaweb and Google+ Photos. But as long as the censorship continues my desire to use these products decreases.


I watched the event on youtube, and many features are really impressive.


Congratulations on making terrible HDR puke only a two tap job, rather than three taps. As that photo of the carousel shows, you have clearly made the world a better place.

(the auto tagging features are actually cool, though. take note, adobe)


But it does show the power of the filter to rescue over or undercooked areas.

With this particular pic, you'd probably reduce HDR back to around 65 percent and tweak the contrast a little.

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