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Rumors start: New iPhone by June, and in color

The iPod touch comes in a plethora of colors -- will the next iPhone follow suit?

Just two months after the launch of the iPhone 5, predictions are being made about the next iteration of Apple's smartphone.

Business Insider reports that Jefferies analyst Peter Misek expects a June launch for the 'iPhone 5S,' and that the device will boast a "super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC." Misek also guesses that the iPhone 5S may be updated to an IGZO screen with potential storage of 128GB storage, and that it may come in a variety of colors, á la the iPod touch. 

Of course, it's all just speculation at this point, but as usual industry experts are already eager to see Apple's next showing. 

Let's hear from you: Are you holding out for an iPhone 5S?


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"but as usual industry experts are already eager to see Apple's next showing."

Most "industry experts" are interested in one, and only one, thing: self promotion. Their own face, name and website in front of as many people as possible is what they are "eager to see."

At this point it doesn't even matter whether their predictions turn out to be accurate. People will forget the specifics as launch time gets closer, whenever that may be. All they have to do, all they want to do, is write something that gets more attention than what the other experts write.

I hope Connect doesn't turn itself into just another gossip site...

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Greg Gebhardt

Better screen and camera plus NFC and better battery! It should be the iPhone 6


As fast as Apple is rolling out new product, with hardly any upgrade, keeps Steve Jobs rolling over in his grave.

What does the "s" stand for.... Silly colors ?


S stands for the same thing it did in the 3GS, 4S, and I daresay the Nikon D3S and D300S.
That is to say, it doesn't stand for anything, except that it's a model with upgraded hardware in the same body style.
Just like your computer, smartphones have components that are being continually improved just like anything else. You can expect the iPhone 5S to have better performance than the iPhone 5. This would be in line with the cycle that Apple has adopted, and it's really not rocket science to figure out their cycle:
1st generation, iPhone. Introduces the line, but isn't a refined product.
2nd generation, iPhone 3G. Refined product.
3rd generation, iPhone 3GS. Upgraded hardware in the same body style of the 3G.
4th generation, iPhone 4. Upgraded hardware in new body style.
5th generation, iPhone 4S. Upgraded hardware in the same body style of the 4.
6th generation, iPhone 5. Upgraded hardware in new body style.

Rumor mill aside, I think you can figure out what the iPhone 5S will be.


Yea.... Silly colors.

Total comments: 5
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