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Wearable tech gets smart

Artist Sean Miles' Bags that Talk Recycle Collection. (photo via

What do you do with recycled phones during Fashion Week? If you're artist Sean Miles, you incorporate them into used designer shoes, bags and accessories. Teaming up with 02, the British telecommunications company, and its used phone buy-back program O2 Recycle, Miles continues his creative fashion tech designs with the 02 Recycle Collection that features wearable tech in the form of shoes, gloves and bags and other designer wear.

Maxwell Smart would be proud, although it's doubtful he'd fit into a pair of smartphone-equipped Louboutins.

Maxwell Smart redux — but in a pair of Louboutins. (photo via
"Talk to the hand" vintage gloves. (photo via


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I hope they are just being silly with some of this. Then it makes sense. If people are serious about a screen in a shoe or glove-phone, they have too much time or misplaced ambition...perhaps.

But, then, the Pet Rock sold well, so my business advice is worthless.

I even got this flat-stuff wrong. I thought graphics with textures was a good thing, but it appears that the Windows 8 and ios7 trend of 1990s graphics is a hit. Who would have thought? Certainly not me. I like textures.

I also like words (hint to airlines who make emergency cards).

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Ben O Connor

Gloves might work...

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Get smart? no it is just pure stupid.


It was funny when Maxwell Smart did it. .. ...


Screen on the sole of the shoe? Insane.


...better than shoe sole on your phone screen..

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Total comments: 6
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