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41-megapixel Nokia EOS smartphone looking likely

A 41-megapixel smartphone from Nokia with a relevant operating system? We'd love to see the photographic capabilities of the 808 PureView combined with the Windows Phone 8 OS.

Rumors of another 41-megapixel smartphone from Nokia seem to be solidifying: The Guardian has cited 'sources close to the Finnish handset maker' have confirmed a U.S. launch of the purported 'EOS' handset this summer.

Nokia debuted its last device with a 41MP camera sensor, the 808 PureView, at this time last year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We'll be reporting live from this year's event and hope Nokia delivers another high-megapixel model, but this time with Nokia's new operating system of choice, Windows Phone 8. Nokia has already delivered promising results with its first batch of Windows Phone 8 devices, led by its flagship 8MP Lumia 920, which has impressed us with its low-light capture capabilities. 

We're also eager to see HTC's much-anticpated 'M7' smartphone at MWC, the LG Optimus G Pro, Pantech's 5.9-inch Vega No 6 phablet, Sony's tablet version of the Xperia Z, a rumored batch of new Samsung tablets and to get our hands on BlackBerry's Z10. Stay tuned: We'll be in Barcelona from Feb. 25-28.


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I'm really interested in this type of cameras the truth that the advantages are countless.


Instead of concentrating on the operating system, I do wish Nokia could improve on the (already excellent) camera of the Pureview 808 in some aspects. Some of the improvements or additional features I hope to see are as follows:-

1) Better lens or sensor quality for improved IQ. mainly in clarity, colours and sharpness.

2) Better imaging processor for improved low light performance ie. noise reduction (NR) feature/option included.

3) More manual controls such as aperture and shutter speed priority modes.

4) An additional plastic lens cover that opens and closes at the touch of a button, just like one found in most P&S cameras.

5) Silent shutter option for discrete operation or picture taking activity.

6) A slightly larger 4.5" screen with higher resolution.

Reg Natarajan

I don't need or want 41 mp, but I'd love a pocketable Android device that created decent 4 to 8 mp images in low light.

Digital Suicide

"EOS" probably is just code name used in developing time. I'm sure it will be called Lumia "some number" PureView.


I actually like the latest Symbian "Belle" operating system very much indeed and it compares more than favourably with the Android Operating System on My second string phone which is a SAMSUNG Galaxy S3 which although superior to the iPhone 5 I have tried is still not up to the slickness of my Nokia E7-00 Symbian Belle. I would say that both Android and iPhones are no more than toys compared to the superior Nokia Symbian Belle. It's a pity it is being ditched because from a serious business user it has no peers.
Windows Phone 8 is pretty good though and I will need to buy one for my next acquisition.
I would have bought a Pure view 808 if it had been available in Australia but if a similar Windows Phone 8 Pure view does come out I will flog the Samsung Galaxy S3 to some kid who loves toys but does not need a serious communicator or photographic tool.


What if we could get just amazing _image_quality_ from a 1.3MP smartphone? Now that would be an innovation!


Sounds great. That we finally get a 'PV 808' with WP8.
I've lost count of how mani times I for myself have cursed the headless decision of Nokia to stick with that old, outdated Symbian OS POS for a model like the 808 which had so held so much potential.


WP8? Ahahahahaha :P


schaki, symbian was the only one that could handle the tech requirements at the time - the Nokia camera chief said so in an interview last year. Less time cursing other people's "headlessness", more time reading!


Maybe them should have given such a model decent hardware to run able WP8, then...


hope they make an international version. i'd buy that. won't buy a carrier locked version tho.

Total comments: 11
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