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Nokia's court win is another blow for HTC One


A court ruling made by the Amsterdam District Court seems likely to further delay shipments of the HTC One, a device beleaguered by delivery delay reports nearly since its February launch.

As reported by the BBC, the Netherlands court decided in favor of Nokia in its court case against HTC, effectively banning HTC from using the microphone components in its flagship HTC One smartphones which are identical to those found in Nokia devices. The ruling, effective until March 2014 and not limited to the Netherlands, prevents STMicro, which sells the microphone parts invented by Nokia, from offering them to HTC for sale. HTC has said it will look for alternative components while STMicro promises to challenge the ruling.

HTC had already pushed back its shipment schedule from a March to April timeframe for its newest smartphone. Much blame has been placed on the "ultrapixel" technology behind the HTC One for driving the delays, due to a camera component shortage and HTC's struggling relationships with its suppliers. 



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Well thats sad, in the phone industry, HTC has made the first with EVERYTHING.
First 1ghz
First dual core
First 4inch
First 4.3
First 5 inch
First quad core
First 720p screen
First 1080p screen
Plus HTC really puts out some nice products. They are usually lacking something...SD card, or battery or something.
But they always keep things fresh.
They are the driving force of the industry believe it or not.

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Ouch. Would love to know who was responsible out of STMicro and HTC for that balls-up...

This cannot be good news for HTC at all. :(


"The ruling, effective until March 2014 and not limited to the Netherlands"

How's that work?

Total comments: 3
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