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New app offers 'photo school' for $.99


For $.99, Yanik's Photo School's new mobile app for both iPhone and Android is a wealth of information in your pocket for just pennies.

The Yanik's Photo School app includes more than 90 tutorials from the photography blog of the same name, with topics ranging from Photoshop and Lightroom to lighting and workflow. 

The app also offers an "on-location/scouting" voice memo tool.

Push notifications will alert users as new tutorials are added to the app.


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Louis Dallara

I'll wait and see reviews, there are no samples of a lesson or outline of content. I only see marcos and photoshop, not interested in learn photoshop on a phone.


No ratings on the app store yet but, what the heck, I'll try it out!

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Thank you for sharing my app! I'm sure users here will love it! :)

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Total comments: 3
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