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Adobe releases Revel for Android


Adobe has released an Android version of its Revel app. Previously the service had only been available on mobile devices running Apple's iOS operating system. Revel is a cloud-based image and video management service that allows you to set up group libraries that are shared between friends or family members. Revel focuses on privacy, and you have full control over who can see the contents of your library.

A group of users can contribute to a Revel image library.
The app also includes a few basic editing functions.

The Revel app also offers some image editing tools such as effect filters, cropping, exposure compensation, tonal correction and red-eye reduction. Library contents can be synced across Android and iOS devices and computers. The service can also be linked to Adobe's Desktop applications Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12, allowing users to share images that have been edited in those software packages. 

Basic service is free and gives you unlimited imports for the first 30 days. After that you are limited to 50 photos and videos per month. US$5.99 per month will lift the limit and get you unlimited uploads on a permanent basis. Revel for Android is now available on Google Play.



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How "useful"! I wish they had not ditched the Ideas app.


So why do we need yet another photo sharing service? I suppose the draw for this one is that you can pay Adobe every month and get less for your money. Hmmm.


Revel ruined the very useful photo hosting/sharing site. All that effort and rebranding for something with half the features it had 4 years ago.


Because...the world needs another "sharing photos with family and friends" app.


Internet server in third party server room sharing your photos is a security flaw in itself. Just don't use any of these!

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Total comments: 5
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