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From Business Insider: Smartphone, tech news galore this week

HTC's version of Windows Phone 8 is amongst the new offerings this week from major tech players.

From the iPad Mini to new devices from Google, it's expected to be a big week in the tech industry, and Business Insider has a comprehensive look at what's to come. 

Starting with an announcement from Apple tomorrow that's all but guaranteed to be the debut of a miniature version of the iPad with a low-price point and widely reported 7.85-inch screen, the week will continue with Galaxy Note II availability announcements and the official release of the Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 operating system. A week from today, on October 29, the hubbub culminates in competing announcements from Microsoft -- with Windows Phone 8 models from both Nokia and HTC -- and Google, reputed to be revealing a new Nexus smarthphone from LG, an updated Nexus 7 tablet and a larger tablet from Samsung. One rumored product we now know for sure won't be unveiled this week: the 'Nexus X' from Sony, which turned out to be a fake.



Of course these companies have to keep making these little toy gadgets so we can keep playing with them and buying their apps to keep supporting their lead as we follow like blind sheep..

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