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Nokia announces Lumia 830 with OIS and innovative camera modes


At an event in Berlin, Nokia has today announced the first high-end smartphone since the company's device division was purchased by software maker Microsoft. At a retail price of 330 Euros before tax and subsidies (approximately US$ 430) the Lumia 830 is what Microsoft calls an "affordable flagship" and comes with an 8.5mm slim body which is made, in true Nokia fashion, out of aluminum and polycarbonate. 

The device runs Windows Phone 8.1 powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and comes with a 720p 5-inch display. This all sounds pretty mid-range but the camera specs look as if they could make the 830 be a good option for budget-conscious mobile photographers. The camera module offers a 10MP 1/3.4-inch CMOS sensor and F2.2 maximum aperture. What sets the Nokia apart from many competitors is the optical image stabilization system which, according to Nokia, is the thinnest in any of their devices, allowing for the 830's slim physique.

The Lumia 830 will ship with Nokia's latest Windows Phone update (called Denim) and includes a number of interesting new features in the Nokia Camera app. Rich Capture is a new Super-Auto mode that in low-light and high-contrast situations takes a flash or HDR image in addition to a standard exposure. The two images are then merged and you can modify the blend factor, basically allowing you to control flash intensity and HDR strength after capture. In demonstrations, the new feature looked impressive and we're looking forward to testing it out in-depth. 

Camera start-up and shot-to-shot times have both been improved and a long-press of the shutter button in the camera app will now take you directly to 4K-video recording. After capture you get the option to extract individual 4K-frames as stills or create an action composite still from more than one frame. The new camera features will also be made available to the Lumia 930 and 1520 flagship phones before the end of the year. Like previous high-end Lumias, the 830 is capable of recording DNG Raw format and comes with built-in wireless charging. It will start shipping globally this month.

Key specification:

  • 10MP 1/3.4-inch CMOS sensor
  • F2.2
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • 4K-video
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core SoC
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GM Storage
  • microSD support up to 128 GB
  • Wireless charging
  • 2200 mAh battery



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Ben O Connor

As a phone Lumia products are flawless. Onyl thing that I wish to see is accessories as Sony made for its xperia line.

- camera pods
- battery built-in case
- durable cases.

And maybe a case, that I can put a C-mouth lens front of the camera and go nuts with photography :)


Stop hating Nokia/Microsoft!!! They say its an affordable flagship, meaning that youhave some flagship features but you cannot have all of them withou increasing the price. And conserning the camera, it is still better that what Samsung has to offer in the S5.

Shure its got lower resolution, but that means bigger pixel sizes and better low light, and Samsung gives you a true rip off to sell a phone in this day and age without OIS and still they have the odasity to put plastic on the sides of it that looks like metal. The Lumia 830 cost half as much yet it has real metal sides.

Think about that.

Neloy Sinha

Looks good and sounds also good but there are many emerging competitors in the market. There is Samsung K zoom, whose price has been slashed considerably ( reduced by INR 10,000). Indian market is completely different. Other small cameras with optical zoom of at least 10X and WiFi embedded are available now. So Nokia should have innovative marketing strategy to sell their premium product. At this price range the targeted clientele already have good smart phones. Will they shift? Again Android 4.4 kitkat is in different league with so many user friendly soft wares in the present market (most of which are free). I personally use android smart phone and a tablet too. Since I started using them, I am using less and less of my Windows 8.1 pre loaded laptop. It takes longer time to start and sluggish to obey commands (2 GB only RAM) and does many a things in a detour. Windows might have a suitable answer. But for me, as an end user Android backup gives me mental peace in day to day use.


I still have my Galaxy S3 but my next phone probably won't be Android. I still love my S3 and will use it until it dies probably but Android is past its Best Before Date.

Google messed up Maps badly and it still crashes and takes like 8 fiddly button presses to navigate.

Androids battery handling is abysmal .... it simply can't control wakeup even for Google Apps let alone others. At least once every 2 weeks my battery completely drains in 2 hours because some app wakes the processor while my phone is locked in my pocket. And like I am going to factory reset every 2 weeks to see if it might fix the problem.

The play store is mess and Google actively took measures recently so I can't quickly search for critical reviews by end users of apps. Like I am going to load an app without seeing what power users think.

Even Google forums are being removed or pruned by Google so I can't see when people have issues like I am having.

Google is in decay mode. I hope they can recover.


An this is not critical of Samsung at all .... For a period of a year my S3 ran flawlessly and it still could now if Android wasn't broken. It is Google and the Telecoms issues .... I know because at least some of the battery issues are related to a particular cell tower and fast dormancy.

I will probably try Windows Mobile next .... if it is 1/2 as good as my Windows 7 desktop I will be happy and hopefully I won't have to nurse my battery like Android.

Yes I have Better Battery Stats and yes I know how to use it.

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"Affordable flagship?" More like stolidly mid-range, at a higher than mid-range price. No wonder Microsoft doesn't want to talk about the specs. 720P on a 5" screen is pretty poor, as is 1 GB of RAM.

If this is Microsoft's flagship, I shudder to think what their mid and low-end phones look like.


While 720p is certainly mid-range - 1GB of RAM is more than enough on Windows Phone, it's not Android with the Samsung's bloatware that can lag with Snapdragon 801 and 3GB of RAM.


It definitely isn't a flagship though. The Nokia Icon/930/1520 have 1080P screens and Snapdragon 800 processors. Those are more like flagships.

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But yes, of course, calling it a flagship is an exaggeration.
It's just a solid mid-range.

The current flagships are 930/Icon and 1520.

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They are trying to imply that you have some of the bennifits of a flagship without the price heft. And give me a mid range Android phone with built in OIS and wireless charging.

Windows Phone don't need the insane specs of android, it will run smoothly even on the lowes specs possible.


yes nokia is still around. before the advent of smartphones, nokia was the biggest phone maker in the world. how quick we forget. just sayin'


Nokia ??? ...... does it still exists ??????


The camera is fine for what I would use it for. I like that you can pop the back of this phone and change the battery and also use a MicroSD card.

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They should work on getting their existing phones out to more markets. In Canada, the carriers only sell Apple or Samsung (android) products with token handsets from other brands that are never in stock.

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Nokia sensors are getting smaller and smaller. 1/3.4" is smaller than iPhone 5's 1/3.2" and iPhone 5S' 1/3.0". iPhone 6 will likely come with a 1/2.3" sensor.


BTW, MS should further drop the price of this handset. Given the

- features of the Note 4,
- the superiority of its camera,
- the openness (just an example: call recording for WP, anyone?) and
- third-party support of the OS and
- the fact that the price of the latter surely drops a lot after 2-3 months,

it'll be a much better value, unless you do specifically need WP.

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Lars Rehm

I don't think this really competes with the Note 4, different class in my mind. The Flash merging feature is really cool though!


How does a mid rage phone with high end specs competw with a flagship phablet? They're not even in the same class.
The 830 more like competes with the S5 mini


Put the freakin' hard buttons back!

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BTW, it should be emphasized that the phone, with the WP8.1 Update 1 "only", is NOT capable of recording 4K video. This is why Nokia/MS's own product page ( ; see "Main video camera") doesn't even list 4K recording.

It's only with the later "Denim" update that it'll receive 4K recording. See for example :

"Although the Lumia 830 ships with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, Microsoft will be providing a fresh Lumia Denim update later this year with faster camera start-up and capture speeds. Lumia Denim also includes 4K-quality video recording and general improvements to low-light images. "

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5-inch display? Too big.


Focal length used to be one of the Key specifications... Not any more

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Again, looking at the product page - focal length=26mm (35 equiv.)


No pureview no sell


Looking at the webpage it says Main camera sensor: 10 MP, PureView (which is just a marketing name anyway).

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I am confused.
Why would Nokia introduce new Lumias now, half a year after its phone division sales to Microsoft has been finalized? Or is it Microsoft who has released a new mobile phone under the label "Nokia Lumia"? Or something else that I don't understand?
(Just in case it looks like it:) I'm not trying to be a wiseass; this is an honest question.

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It is Microsoft who introduced these phones at IPA in Berlin.
They still have a license to use NOKIA brand for their phones and MS owns Lumia trademark.

I guess it's for the best because Nokia is widely recognized for their phones and "Microsoft Lumia 830" doesn't sound as good.

Lars Rehm

well, open to discussion I guess. Audi is owned by Volkswagen and you would not say "Volkswagen has released the new Audi TT", that would sound kind of weird.


IFA at Berlin, not IPA of course.

As for owning the company - technically Nokia is not owned by Microsoft, Microsoft only bought their handsets division, not the whole company and licensed the brands usage from them for some time.

Nokia still exists and is doing just fine with their other businesses.

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Ok, now that I've made a Google search for other sources (using "Lumia" as the searchword, then clicking "News"), the first hits say "Microsoft unveils Lumia 830 & 730 'selfie' phone" (India Times), "Microsoft announces Lumia 830, 735 and 730 smartphones" (The Guardian), "Meet Nokia Lumia 730: Microsoft's 5MP selfie phone" (Firstpost), and "Microsoft's Lumia 830 mixes old Nokia designs with a new PureView camera" (The Verge).

To me it appears you are pretty much alone in not reporting the Lumia 830 as a Microsoft phone announced by Microsoft. My confusion is gone, but you might want to reconsider how to represent similar news in the future. After all, there still is a pretty large company called Nokia left, and it has not introduced a new phone yesterday.


1/3.4-inch CMOS sensor

- extra tiny sensor.


Yes, all this marketing talk about PureView, ZEISS optics, f/2.2, OIS etc. and in the end you end up with 1/3.4" sensor, pretty disappointing.

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