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Photoshop Express available for Windows 8 tablets


The selection of apps in the Windows Store is slowly growing but iPad users and the owners of Android tablets still have a lot more choice when it comes to apps in general and image editing apps in particular. So it comes as good news to all Windows 8 tablet users that Adobe has today announced the  availability of Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows 8 tablets.

Photoshop Express is a free image-editing app that allows you to apply a fairly basic set of editing and filter options to your captures and share online. It also integrates with Adobe's Revel cloud-based service. The Windows version's feature set is comparable to the Android and iOS variants. It's good enough for some basic quick editing but those Windows users who are interested in more serious image editing on a tablet will probably be waiting for Adobe to make its much more comprehensive  Photoshop Touch app available for Windows 8.

Photoshop Express for Windows 8 offers the following functions:

  • Basic photo enhancements such as crop, straighten, rotate, flip, or remove red-eye.
  • 15 one-touch effect filters
  • One-tap correction to adjusts color, contrast, and brightness
  • Slider controls to enhance contrast, exposure, and white balance, or auto-correction
  • Image ppload to Adobe Revel for syncing across Windows 8 tablet, iPhone, and computer.

The Photoshop Express app is available as a free download in the Windows Store immediately.


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Alternative Energy Photography

I would not touch an Adobe product at this point. Pretty soon, they'll start charging me rent.

Marcin 3M

I used to have this app on my android tablet. I've found nothing worth to use that.


Good news for those five folks with the Windows tablet.

On a more serious note. Real photo editing is going to take place on a dedicated computer with lots of processing power and large monitor.

The kind of editing done on tablets is already handled by a plethora of apps. (not sure about the Win tablet, it's got limited apps, so maybe not the plethora that are available for IOS or Android)

On the tablet, Adobe would be conspicuous by their absence. They are only going to bring a "me too" effort so they can tick the box and that is about it.

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Some people who are extremely serious and detailed about photography also live part of their lives in mobility, needing simplified equipment on-the-run for modest outputs. Duh.

Windows RT paired with this new program is fantastic. If I want to share anything quickly while away from the desktop, this is ideal. And using Remote Desktop, truly the best in its class, I get my monster computer at home on a remote connection with a symmetrical screen -- looks identical to sitting in front of the workstation, minus the three-panel array.

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I have a pro tablet @ 11". It's a good on the road tool and I'd use real photoshop. this lite version is more for fun, nothing more or less.


Hey Adobe how about Lightroom for Windows RT tablets?

As an aside, Datacolour how about an app for Windows RT as well.


Gotta love MS for coming out with two different tablet operating systems. MS already has an uphill battle as far as number of apps goes, so really smart to further split the MS tablet pie into two different operating systems.

Bill, Steve, you had a good run. Time to sit back and let some new talent come forth. Yes, you'll have to concede some control, but your stock may start to go up again.

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Photoshop Express works on both Microsoft Surface RT and Windows 8. All Windows Store apps will run on both systems. Since the the Surface RT is based on a non-Intel processor, it's not possible to run standard Windows apps (ie Lightroom) on a Surface RT device. But yes, the more apps available for Surface RT the better.

Also, take a look at MSFT stock charts.


Thanks Mike for the clarification. It's the regular windows software, I didn't realize the surface apps worked on both. That's at least a good thing. Stock is up $5 in five years. Hopefully the recent uptick is the start of a trend, but there have been lots of those spikes in the last five years.


Just ran through the app on my Surface Pro. Not a bad little app but not aimed towards the dpreview crowd whatsoever. It's very simple, options are few but it works for what it is.

Looks great for editing a quick Facebook pic for upload, that's the only reason I'd use it.

Total comments: 10
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