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GoPro updates with Hero3+

The Hero 3+ Black Edition features 4K video recording and 30% longer battery life.

GoPro has announced the latest devices in its line of tiny, rugged video cameras. The updated Hero 3+ line features two cameras that are smaller than their predecessors yet pack some impressive specs.

The Hero 3+ Black Edition is the more high-end of the two new cameras, priced at $400. Weighing in a 2.6 ounces, (4.8 ounces in the housing) the new camera is 20% smaller and lighter than its predecessor, with a new 6-element aspherical glass lens that GoPro claims makes the Hero 3+ Black Edition 33% sharper than the Hero 3 Black Edition. 

The other fresh face on GoPro's line is the Hero 3+ Silver Edition. While cheaper than the brand new Hero 3+ Black Edition, the $300 Hero 3+ Silver Edition is still a step up from the last Hero 3 Silver Edition. It's similar in weight to the Hero 3+ Black Edition, but imaging specs are different between the models: the Hero 3+ Silver Edition's 10MP camera is capable of 1080p at 60 fps and 720p120 fps video compared to the Hero 3+ Black Edition's 12MP camera capable of recording 4K video.

The audio on both new GoPros have greatly improved. The Black and Silver Editions both claim an increased audio range and the ability to handle 2x greater volume without distortion compared to their older Hero 3 counterparts. 

From GoPro's press release:

The HERO3+ Black Edition - The Most Advanced GoPro Camera Yet.

  • Innovative new housing yields a 20% smaller and lighter overall package when camera is installed in housing (waterproof to 40m)
  • 30% longer battery life
  • 4x faster Wi-Fi for quicker transfer and playback of photos and videos from your HERO3+ camera to your mobile device when using the GoPro App
  • SuperView is a new video mode that captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle perspective
  • Auto Low Light mode intelligently adjusts frame rate for varying lighting conditions
  • A new lens for sharper video and improved image quality
  •  The HERO3+ Black Edition camera has a suggested retail price of $399.99. 

The HERO3+ Silver Edition - 2x More Powerful.

  • 2x faster image processor than the HERO3: Silver Edition
  • Enables 1080p60 and 720p120 fps video
  • Innovative new housing yields a 15% smaller and lighter overall package when camera is installed in housing (waterproof to 40m)
  • 4x faster Wi-Fi for quicker transfer and playback of photos and videos from your HERO3+ camera to your mobile device when using the GoPro App
  • The HERO3+ Silver Edition camera has a suggested retail price of $299.99.


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I think it's a real bummer 100 hero3+ users have complained this POV yup POV camera didn't have inifinity focus for their toy planes, because no gopro have changed all the latest 0114..... Serial range models onwards to this horrible infinity focus and the POV aspect is lost with everything in focus rather than just the skier, guitar player, singer or the POV talent, please gopro revert this new stock back to what the 0813 and 0913 etc 2013 stock was.


I purchased a gopro hero 3+ black edition in the states when I went on a trip recently. I then read about the image sharpness issues in this model. e.g. see

Thank god I read these before opening it. After reviewing a number of images, its very obvious that overall images are much softer than on the 3 black. Apparently, gorpo have made the focus closer, so anything in mid and background are now slightly out of focus. This is great for ego surfers who point the camera at themselves, but for those who like to point the camera forward (on my motorbike and car), the loss in quality is noticeable, especially in stills. The last straw was that the reason I bought it was because it was advertising "33% in crease in sharpness" when overall there is a significant DECREASE in sharpness across the image as a whole.
I sold the camera before opening it. Almost got my money back. Now ill wait for a cheap second hand gopro 3 black.


I think there are a lot of hero3 cams that fail, but I got one that works well thank god. I wonder if the new hero3+ battery will work in the hero3. The new battery is better, thats how they got longer durations in the 3+, so I am not interested in any of the incremental improvements, but getting that battery may be a nice improvement.

Also, who cares if they make small improvements. You dont have to go buy every release. Its a production camera. When they can improve things, they do and it goes into the latest model. Every camera maker does this. Its just constant improvements being added to the line, even if they are small ones. Their claims are a bit questionable, but you can see what is improving at least.


Not impressed by GoPro. It was not long ago the Hero3 Black was introduced and it has already become obsolescent. How many of these new features could have been added to the existing GoPro Black with a software upgrade

To rub salt into the wound, my Hero3 black still freezes every so often, requiring the battery to be removed to get it to restart properly, and this after several software updates. So instead of fixing the problem and giving proper support, GoPro simply dumps it and introduces a new model. And there is no guarantee that the problem is fixed in the new model.

GoPro is treating its customers with contempt!!

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Yes, they should have made it smaller and added a new lens WITH SOFTWARE! Other companies do it all the time!

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Wow, is anyone half serious about video will take these laughable half-witted claims from GoPro at their face value?

"GoPro claims makes the Hero 3+ Black Edition 33% sharper than the Hero 3 Black Edition. "

"2x faster image processor."

"4x faster Wi-Fi."

And so on. C'mon, GoPro, get serious.


Unfortunately many people probably will, numbers are much easier to use to sell a product and it seems GoPro have decided the best way to fight off the challenge from other action cameras is to use more impressive sounding numbers.

I made the mistake of buying a Black Edition which was rubbish at the start and many months on it's better but still unreliable and thirsty on batteries. I blame that on GoPro trying to give it specs they could show off with rather than working on producing a solid and reliable device.

I was curious to see if with these new cameras they would acknowledge the problems with the original Black Edition and make it clear this camera won't be the same but instead we have all manner of nonsense numbers as you say which doesn't give me any confidence in it at all.

Interested to see what Garmin produce with the Virb but have my doubts after the issues with the Edge 510/810.


You didn't mention that the free GoPro CineForm software now includes De-Fisheye'ing ability

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No thanks. Our GoPro 3 was bricked within a week while on vacation, and we lost some great opportunities to shoot video. It's a known issue with the 3 series and lots of users have had problems. Just Google it. This product should have been recalled, instead GoPro kept selling this junk camera for months and months without fixing the issue. I'll never buy anything from GoPro again.


Totally agree. I went through three (Hero3 Black) cameras in a month and they all wouldn't charge, were bricked in a matter of minutes and/or fried my memory card. Plus any battery life under 2 hours is a joke.


The jello effect found on the current line of the GoPro can be fixed by using a ND filter. This slows down the effective "shutter speed".

It will be interesting to see IF the "auto low lite" feature could also be used to slow down the shutter speed to reduce the jello effect.

Personally, I hate the fish-eye look of the lens and I've replaced it with a Ragecam 5.4mm 10mp lens. This makes the camera into one heck of a video 1080p with no distortion.

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The main thing to reduce jello and skewing is to always shoot at 60 fps. The faster sensor reading at that speed reduces jello.


The new GoPro3+ is amazingly sharp! I use mini-cams professionally. Whenever I try a different companies cameras I have to get multiple ones to find one that is sharp ... especially sharp across the entire frame.

The latest version of the free GoPro Cineform software includes a De-Fisheye option

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things I would like to see improved.

1. Heat issue
2. WiFi preview delay

then I will buy another GoPro.

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As a Hero3 Black user I can say this update is not very exciting for me. The better lens, better size, better battery, wider angle are all valuable incremental improvements.

HOWEVER the main issues with the camera in my own use are:

1) I can't focus the lens. I don't need any auto-focus, I simply would like to be able to focus the lens closer without any closeup lenses. A simple thread unit focusing, or even click presets would do, like 0.3m, 1m, and infinity.

2) Rolling shutter needs to go!!! This is a show-stopper for many real-world action/POV cam uses, because vibration inherent in them leads to jello. Need a global shutter.


RageCams has a solution to correct the focus & also eliminate the fisheye effect on the new hero3+ black if your interested


SuperView, the most immersive wide angle? What does that mean? Can we have a number? I scoured the GoPro site looking for that information, I could not find it. It seems strange that there is not a specification listed for this claim. I know that the widest angle available up to this point has been 170 degrees. It must not be significant if they are not listing the spec.

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Be careful to mention they're name they have already sued Digital Rev for using that name in an article .
I wonder why people buy they're cameras after that scandal.

To the makers of Go Pro: you guys are dipshits


800,000+ buyers can't be wrong! We used 15 of them a few weeks ago on a Corvette commercial. Fast & Furious has 30 of them in use


They can be wrong, just like a hundred million americans were wrong about the iraq war :p


Still no option to display time and date on screen while viewing video. This is important for certain applications. What's the problem?


lets see how much money will earn the hero3+.

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So let me get this straight, these two "cameras" are actually "cameras" that can take stills, do video up to 4k are light and cost less than $400.00?

Why dump this product on the "connect" site, but continuously waste space on dpreview's main site with articles on overpriced cell phones that nobody reads?

I got an email from B&H about this product a couple of days ago, and already pre-ordered the black. iPhone 5? Not so much.


Only draw back is the fish eye lens .. Ironx is a 170 mm .. There is a kit to convert the lens to a 170mm but it costs about 150-200 $

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you can shoot above HD resolution, de-fish it, and render at 1080p and get really good results


GoPro fisheye is not a drawback it is a "feature". Love it! have the H3 Silver and H3 Black.


Wonder if they have improved their after sales attitude and accept that not every cam they produce is 100% perfect, we don't ask for much just recognition and a satisfactory outcome of a faulty unit without having to jump through hoops.... backwards.


The new 3+ camera is NOT smaller! Only it's protective waterproof case is smaller. We were worried that our heavy duty pro, metal housing were instantly obsolete, but no worries. Used 15 GP3 a few weeks ago on a Corvette commercial.


While I welcome the changes (particulalry by the battery life improvements, which did suck at 1080p60 with the 3BE), I'm pretty much disappointed by it still having 4k@15 only. I really hoped they'd bump it to at least 24p now that common, inexpensive SoC's support even 30p recording at 4k.


4k is an overkill, and for the target users of these cameras, 24fps is just as useless as 15fps. I would use 1080p 60fps over 4k 30fps anytime.


Still using the same sensor and processor, so no surprise in the lack of increased frame rates. The GoPro 4 will almost definitely have that.

That said, there isn't much to make me want to upgrade other than the smaller case and extended battery, which can most likely be used on the current GoPro 3.

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The problem with these cameras is the jelly and skew they produce shooting fast action. So yes, all that great video you see is shot at 1080/60. The cool thing is that with that many frames it's easy to produce slow(er) motion by using a slower time line .... using their free Cineform software. Which was recently upgraded to allow one to remove it's typical barrel distortion. We only us 2,7k at 24 fps for dialog with no fast action. 4k could be used at 15 fps for wide establishing shots w/ lots of detail. But who needs those even larger files!


Yup, 1080p60 is the best setting, until 2.7K60. :3 I prefer 1080p60 because you can also add motion blur on 24/30fps playback by interpolating the odd frames, to get rid of the high shutter speed stutter. Looks like normal video after distortion correction. Doesn't turn out very realistic when you try it with just 24/30p, though.


Wow. Been wanting one of these babies for a while.

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