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Pro Camera comes to more Nokia Lumia smartphones

Nokia's Pro Camera app features a number of manual photography tools.

When Nokia released its Lumia 1020 device earlier this year, it also revealed an impressive manual photography application. Pro Camera for Windows Phone 8 was originally only available for the Lumia 1020, but can now be downloaded on Lumia 920, 925 and 928 smartphones. Pro Camera offers five different flash settings as well as control of white balance, focus, ISO (up to 3200), shutter speed (from 4s to 1/16000) and exposure compensation (from -3.0 to +3.0).

That's not all. Smart Camera — the app released with the Lumia 925 — can now be downloaded on older devices as well. Smart Camera features a handful of "fun" photography tools like pan-motion blur capture, "action shot" burst capture and overlay, unwanted object removal, and a "change faces" feature to make sure everyone looks their best during group photo shoots.

Both apps are free in the Windows Phone 8 store, but users with older Lumia devices can only download Pro Camera and Smart Camera after upgrading to Nokia's latest software.

Nokia automatically notifies users when the Amber Update is available for their device, but users can learn how to manually update their Lumias here. Depending on your cellular carrier, your update may not be available yet. If you haven't received an update notification, check the status of your device here.


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just got this on my 925. the manual controls work better than reported. think ppl were saying it was sluggish but it has been smooth and fast on the 925.

to be honest, i find the most useful feature to be the manual focus. that addition can really change the way you compose and shoot. the other settings are useful as well but due to the sensor noise and what not of mobile phone tech, you can get by leaving it on auto in most cases.

Charmian Sepko

You need a big budget to have nokia lumina 1020.. Hope they offers some good features on budget lumia like 520,620 & 625


I'm looking forward to using this software, when I finally receive GDR2 on my 920 :)

Alexis D

I got here by chance. I am leaving a comment just because nobody else has, 0 comments! That just shows how much interest people have in Nokia phones. I hope Nokia wakes up and starts using Android before it disappears. It was such a great mobile company once.

And this blog is a waste of time. Nobody care about these phones.

Bye, Nokia, or should I say, So long!

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If you really had used Symbian once, you'd prefer it instead of Android. I had a Nokia N8 and now I have a Galaxy Note N7000. Screen and processing power apart, I'd be better with an upgraded Symbian phone supporting higher resolutions.

Comment edited 40 seconds after posting

you're making no sense. you say no one comments because no one likes nokia then go on to point out that no one comes to this site.

your deductive reasoning is questionable. i dont comment on every article but i do read and find interest in them.

i have an android and yet i dont think i have commented on every android related article. does that mean I'm not interested?

Total comments: 6
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