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ProCamera 4.0 for iOS updates capture, editing and sharing features

Our review of ProCamera in October gave the app four stars, praising its easy to understand interface, boatloads of features and anti-shake capability.

ProCamera has long been found in Apple’s “recommended” section for photo and video apps. The $2.99 app has updated many features including navigation, focus and exposure control, and sharing capabilities.

New features on ProCamera 4.0 include different capture formats for photos (16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1), full support for Photo Stream, both landscape and portrait support and a multi-share feature that allows users to upload different photos to different social networks.

ProCamera has also introduced “VideoSnapshots” that can take photos while recording video. Users can also now view their video's metadata within ProCamera.

Along with the new video and photo capture options, ProCamera has updated their editing tools to include tone curves, RGB and single color channel correction and a live histogram. It also claims to have improved its adjustment sliders—a feature that we found was lacking in our review earlier this year.

Unfortunately for fans of the hardware click, ProCamera has removed its volume button shutter feature at the request of Apple. Developers are told not to use volume buttons to do anything besides adjust volume because it will potentially result in user confusion (although Apple’s own native camera app utilizes a volume button capture feature). (Camera+ was pulled from the App Store in 2010 for their “VolumeSnap” feature.) 

ProCamera requires iOS 5 or higher and is optimized for the iPhone 5.


Without the volume button trigger the ProCamera app has become pretty useless for me. Hendheld shooting is much more stable when using the volume button. Users who use ProCamera definetely won't be confused with the volume button trigger. Without this function it is much more confusing, because when you expect it to work like the Apple's own camera app it is kind of confusing that ProCamera can not be triggered the same way. This interference by Apple sucks big time. I demand to have the volume button trigger back in ProCamera. Until then I am just using the Apple app.

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