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Stock photo agency Alamy now allows mobile photos

Alamy will now allow photos taken with mobile devices (in addition to its previous allowance of images of mobile devices taking photos).

Every photographer knows that the best camera is the one that is with you. As mobile photography gains more credibility with soaring megapixel counts and high-profile publication, more stock photography companies are accepting photos taken via phones. 

International stock photo agency Alamy has announced that it will allow photos taken on mobile devices for its Live News service. Alamy asks that photographers use mobile apps to balance the shot, with one exception: "no Instagram-style filters please!”

Submitted smartphone images must have news, sports or entertainment value and will have to follow Alamy’s submission guidelines.

Previously, Alamy had a blanket ban against all mobile photography. In a press release, the head of news photography explains the agency’s decision:

Alamy’s head of news, James Hall, said: “When you think that the most popular smartphone cameras are now 8 megapixels it is obvious that good photographers using these devices will be able to capture and record breaking news and events with a quality that is acceptable to both on and offline news agencies.

“We want to allow our contributors to upload stunning News, Sport and Entertainment images to us using the camera they have ready at hand – whether it is a DSLR, a compact camera or a smartphone. This is a recognition of the quality news images that can now be taken by cameraphones and the like.”


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Doesn't matter if you use a celphone camera or a Leica, Alamy will likely license the photo for less than a cup of coffee.

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If it's newsworthy you'd be better off selling it yourself , after registering the copyright.

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A bit late in the game. Pond5 and FOAP have been doing this for a while now.


"And in case you were wondering, 'Instagram-style filters' are not allowed"

Why's that then? I thought everyone using the same digital filter was supposed to be the greatest thing to happen to photography since the sun was invented.


I mentioned something like this would happen a few years ago, that news organizations would like to have any photo/video available of a fast breaking event than not have one and most did not believe it, citeing the virtues of have a trained photographer, dslrs , against grainy photos etc.

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Total comments: 5
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