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Spy glasses snap sneaky photos at half the price of Google Glass

Available through Online Spy Shop, these inconspicuous spectacles will snap shots of unsuspecting civilians.

Google Glass may have some people ready to wait over a year to shell out $1,500 for a chance to check their email while trying to maintain eye-contact with their waiter. But you can start using one the basic functions of Glass for a fraction of the price right now with the Spectacles Camera from Online Spy Shop.

These sneaky glasses cost £438 (about $660 USD) and record at 720 x 625 resolution, sending a video feed down a thin cable to a 32GB storage device the size of a matchbook.

Of course this sort of James Bond technology is nothing new. Other options are far more inexpensive, like the Night Owl Covert Video Sunglasses with 4GB microSD card (about $70 USD from Radio Shack) or the eFashion Spectacles Eyewear Glasses DVR Camcorder Camera (about $50 USD on Amazon), and a plethora of similar specs you'll find through any Internet search.

Unlike Google Glass, these glasses do not come with a built-in computer or calling capabilities (maybe you cound invest in a high-tech spy shoe for that), but they will turn your face into a camera and kind of make you look like a dork.

However, you'd likely still look cooler than this Google Glass photographer:


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Dan Tong

The current price is listed at 365 pounds.


Pointless "article."


I am not a hater. I have no reason to jump on the booing bandwagon against Justin Bieber (just a successful artist in my opinion) and I don't like to marginalize any segment of society based on politics, culture, heritage, etc. I am a very accepting person.

But I do hope Google Glass fails. I think it's very presumptuous for anyone to wear these things in public and expect everyone else to be okay with it.

Some will say to me, "hey, anyone can take a picture or video with their phones now." That is true, but with G-glass it's on all the time without so much as a courteous "May I take a picture"

I don't like it. Furthermore, I find them extremely unattractive.


Lauren needed an article to submit... not bad to get some hits on the internet and drive more folks to dpreview.

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Don't know what's the point of this article since "spy glasses" like that are everywhere on eBay years ago.

I guess the youtube video is worth my time.

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