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Facebook may launch its own Android OS on HTC


The Internet is again abuzz with Facebook phone rumors after the social networking giant invited members of the media to “Come See Our New Home On Android" at a press event on April 4.

Major tech sites like Engadget and TechCrunch are reporting that the event will unveil a Facebook-driven version of the Android operating system running on an HTC device. The reports speculate that the OS will have plenty of extra Facebook functionality, open with a Facebook home screen and the New York Times scored an interview with a Facebook employee who says the device will default to Facebook’s own camera and messaging apps.

If true, the Facebook-tailored OS could resemble the modified version of Android running on Kindle Fire devices, an Android "skin" of sorts which powers the Kindle in a style determined by Amazon.




"Since YOU are the unwitting product we sell, we would really like to be able to monitor ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you do with your phone so we can analyze and monetize every minute detail of your life! In pursuit of this (horrible) dream we've developed our own Facebook version of Android that will limit your control of your information just the way we want it to! We might even remove the Settings app entirely!"

IF this turns out to be a Facebook phone...
What sort of an idiot would you have to be to allow the inherently untrustworthy Facebook access to, not just an app, but the entire OS of your phone?

I imagine people are already attempting to pre-order.

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