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Leaked photo allegedly of giant Lumia 1520 smartphone

This photo shows the so-called Lumia 1520.

Nokia's apparent answer to the growing "phablet" market may be the Lumia 1520. The rumored device, codenamed "Bandit," is expected to have a 6-inch, 1080p display. 

The Lumia experts at Windows Phone Central think that this leaked image is the real deal.

From Windows Phone Central:

The image above was leaked to us and while we cannot confirm it, we have a suspicion that is accurate. For one, it comes with what looks like an optional back case with a front cover to protect the display. We also wouldn’t be surprised if it adds Qi wireless charging capability as well. It's placed next to what appears to be a Lumia 1020 for size comparison. 

The other bit of evidence is that the display and bezel appear to closely match that of a leaked bezel from back in January, back when Nokia’s intention of making a phablet device were becoming clear. Everything from the Nokia label to the sensor locations to the thin bezel at the bottom appear to correspond. 

If a 6-inch Lumia is on its way, it will be in direct competition with the series of large smartphones that are expected this fall. Sony has already released its 6.4-inch Xperia Z Ultra, while HTC and Samsung are expected to release new phablets in September. 

Nokia's Lumia devices are known for their stellar optics, but there is no indication of whether the 6-inch Lumia will have a Pureview camera.

Let's hear from you: Does Nokia's Lumia line need a 6-inch phablet?


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Rage Joe
By Rage Joe (Aug 29, 2013)

Yes, give me all the pixels, love everyone of them!

By FoveonPureView (Aug 29, 2013)

This should have the full 41mp camera, not some 20mp nock-off...

Total comments: 2
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