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Photographer puts a GoPro in bride’s bouquet for a unique wedding video


The tiny GoPro camera can make some spectacular videos. From Red Bull’s record breaking skydive to a cat's perspective on chasing a laser pointer, there is serious potential for the $200-$400 video camera. The GoPro has survived some extreme photographic situations, but it can also work well for more conventional video needs.

When San Diego-based photographer Ben Horne got married earlier this year, he put a GoPro HD Hero2 in his bride’s bouquet to create a unique camera angle. Horne combined the bouquet footage with the video from his Panasonic TM700 and another GoPro in a stable location for his personal wedding video. On his blog, Horne shares how he got the GoPro in the bouquet.

The GoPro looks subtle in the bouquet, not overwhelming the flowers and the footage is intriguing. In the video Horne shared on his blog, a brief clip shows the couple’s friends and family applauding as they enter the reception—an emotional moment for a newly married couple cleverly captured from the bride’s perspective. 


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So, does the woman who catches flowers keep GoPro?


Very nice idea..


Great idea. I don't think it really matters if everyone knows the camera is there. I'm sure it created a lot of fun moments.


A nice enough idea. But in the video, it appeared to me that everyone was actually quite aware of the camera's presence in the bouquet; only about 10% of the video seemed to take advantage of the "hidden aspect". So much for trying to hide it in the first place. The video itself is just ok. Considering that the final product was about2 minutes long, going through 8 hours of video to get those two minutes seems more trouble than it's worth. If the couple enjoyed it, then fine. Not anything I would get excited about either as a photographer or a groom, however.

Of topic for a second.... what's up with all these wedding photographers looking like Homer Simpson? Geez guys... lay off the wedding cake a little bit, why don't you! Or at least wear a jacket to cover up that big gut so that bride doesn't have your middle jiggling around all day long!!


I love it! I would have had such fun being a bride and shooting with my bouquet!

Geez, the negative comments are so unnecessary. I wouldn't have thrown the bouquet either - I'd have been afraid to break the camera and the footage wouldn't have been that good because of the darkness anyway. This was his wedding anyway - he can do whatever he wants. If he didn't have a pro videgrapher shoot it, which he might have, this is still great footage to have. A pro can't be everywhere all the time. I think it's a great idea and would have loved to have done it myself at my wedding. Thanks for sharing Ben. Hope you two have a great life together!


she should have thrown the bouquet with the camera in it! Now that'd be good use of the GoPro. The existing footage could have been made with any other cam, too.



It takes a strong stomach to be making wedding videos for a living, but this one here takes the cake!

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You wanna pat yourself on the back. I think it was a great idea- sure some of it looked a bit "posey" ( bouquet- get it? ) but hey- they could never regret doing the video.

Great job, it actually says a lot about the wedding.




Funny and beautiful movie ! ! ! ! And happiness for the couple ! ! ! ! !


Stupid yuppie arty-farty crap!

miles green

Argh! He took the camera out of the bouquet for the best shot (throwing the bouquet)!


Nice, I had this idea with a Contour HD two years ago and then when the Go Pro 2 came out with super slow motion (120fps wvga) last year, I put it on the bouquet for the toss in slow motion during a wedding photography course I taught.

See video below at 2:45...

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Credit for trying--but this didn't really add much for me. A good videographer would have gotten all these shots and done a much better job.


It is indeed a great idea, but the result is very underwhelming in my eyes. Maybe because the video is so unnatural and the image quality low at the same time. I think there is a lot of potential though.



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I did the almost the same for a wedding
putting the go pro on the floor in the middle of the church in automatic photo mode


Very refreshing!
Good result or not, the idea of trying the 'boucam' is very much the correct approach for innovation in photography. The late Galen Rowell once was asked one photographic wish, and he said that he wish to see the world from a dog's perspective; he was not referring to the angle of view itself, but to the dog's life experience and way of seeing things.
In a funny way - and in that sense - the bouquet-experience and "life" existence through the wedding is much more than the angle of view. This video is something unique, meaningful and I am sure, a tremendous memento for the new couple.
@ Ben: wonderful and brilliant idea! As a married men myself I can assure you this kind of creativity and approach to life is very positive family-wise. Well done and all the best for the two of you!


I watched the whole film, just to see the bouquet toss, but they tossed a different bouquet! Dude! Still a great idea and super fun video, but man, if you're gonna put an adventure camera in a bouquet, you've got to toss it or no dice. Otherwise... lots of fun.

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Same here.
As soon as I read the title I expected there was going to be a toss video from the bouquet perspective.

Congratulations to the groom, she is very pretty and looks like a fun person to be with.

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I hope GoPro adding better protection to the camera, so the camera is shock proof. when it is fall from say it 3 meter or more still survive. and maybe they need to consider selling other model . just my 2c


Congratulations to both!

Clever idea, but for sure a 2-minute clip doesn't give the happy event much justice.


and now we all know what the bouquet sees =]

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Wow! one of the most boring videos being shared so far. My suggestion, use the helmet cam style for the divorce, it will generate a much more dramatic and existing footage.


Posting comments like this must make you feel very good about yourself.


@ Ben, really? Maverick's comment is his/her opinion. Should all of the comments be gushing and positive? I didn't find much to enjoy about the video either.

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@Cordell, Maverick's comment would have been acceptable as an opinion if he'd forgone the divorce bit. Did you think Ben was reacting to Mav's first sentence, his opinion? If you didn't enjoy it, go ahead and share. But I also have to wonder if, by making an irrelevant divorce quip about someone's wedding video, you are insecure about your life and feel the need to make such comments in an on-line forum where you are anonymous.


Maverick's comments were his/her opinion and just as valid as any other comment on this or any other on-line forum. I suppose if my opinion does not mirror yours, I am insecure about my life? You need to get a life. The video was boring at best. The idea may have seemed interesting, but the results are lame. Let's give him a trophy for trying. By the way, the divorce quip is the only comment worth reading. Is it so hard to say someone's idea didn't work? Gush, gush, gush is all there is on this type of forum. I don't know anyone involved, but truthfulness is obviously not appreciated here, nor is one's opinion.

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Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Here is mine: I got no kick out of seeing the video, but I get a kick out of the idea.
The video may be boring, uninteresting, but I think it is important to remember the context. As any picture or film from a wedding, it serves as a bit of memory. For many women, their wedding day is important. The bouquet camera idea is a way of capturing - not what the bouquet saw, but what the bride saw. She can't wear a camera in her wedding. This way she can re-live her entire day - in a way my pictures as a wedding photographer cannot give her. I find the idea brilliant. Its certainly a personal thing, but that is fine.


It's easy to be critical of something. But I bet you don't understand brides very well. I bet she loved this because it was her and her friends shooting the video, it was very personal. Many times clients don't care about the same things that photo or video snobs do.


Some of you lack a sense of humour. My guess is that Maverick_ is just writing what a lot of us are thinking....that we are sick and tired of stupid wedding photography BS. All this money being dumped on a single day that ends up in divorce or if they stay together, is shoved in a drawer or hard drive and never watched again. Do you think they will be making sweet love to candle light with their bouquet video playing in the background ten years from now? As well, why are people so old now when they get married?!

M Jesper

And then they forgot the best part.
Throwing the bouquet with the camera in it !
Thought that was the idea ...

Robert Holloway

Likewise, I expected it to either be thrown or on a bedside table that night :-)

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Same here, first thought that went through mi mind.


We considered it, but decided not to because we were afraid we might hurt someone if the lens beaned someone in the face. Also, it was getting a bit dark, so I'm not sure how good the footage would have been. Oh, and we didn't want the person to think they got to keep the gopro. :-)


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Let's see: strap a GoPro to whatever, see what results and you're a photography innovator.

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Stabilise the footage in editing software and it will look better... Bip


This is really actually very rubbish. It's only innovative if it's remarkably good. You can pretty much strap a camera to anything. So what?


Just plain dumb!

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