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Triggertrap revamps mobile app


Triggertrap's free mobile app, which allows wireless trigger of your camera and flash (Triggertrap hardware is required) has been redesigned and rebuilt for ease of use. Version 2.0's GUI no longer features camera-like controls and dials; instead, the menus and triggering options have a cleaner, more simplified look.

Right now, the update is available only for iOS (6.1 or higher) but the new Android app, which has been in beta for a while, should be available any day on Google Play.  One of the new Android features is the ability to run the Triggertrap app in the background to save battery life.

Three of the original 17 triggering options — Peekaboo, Motion Sensor and Tesla (magnetic sensor) — have been cut from the latest mobile app release. According to Haje Jan Kamps, CEO and Triggertrap inventor, improved versions of Peekaboo and Motion Sensor will be re-implemented soon. Tesla "may come back eventually" if/when case studies show that users have found specific applications for this triggering option.

While we don't have a side-by-side comparison of old/new features, Triggertrap promises that, in addition to the snappy new design, bug fixes have been implemented and you'll find some enhanced triggering options as well.

Triggertrap's new GUI is snappier and easier to read and navigate.


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This was 2 weeks after I got a dongle because of the features that now are removed :(

And btw.: how will anyone find applications for magnetic trigger after it was removed???

They should have put this info into the update description instead of the rubbish they wrote so users could have kept the old version.


Not a comment on this one but on that POTD (upper right). Did the earth stop rotating or revolving now? It's kinda irritating to see that picture everyday now. Should have been Picture of the Month or Year if DPR wants to show it that long.

Total comments: 2
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