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LG claims it's made the world's thinnest smartphone display

LG's new smartphone display is only 2.2mm thick.

While Nokia was busy announcing its brand new 41-megapixel Lumia 1020, LG slipped a press release out. The Korean manufacturer claims its new smartphone display is the thinnest in the world. Measuring a slim 2.2mm thick, the new display reaches a near-phablet sized 5.2-inches long and backs a 1,080x1,920 pixel resolution.

The race for super-thin smartphone devices is currently lead by Chinese manufacturers Huawei and Umeox — Huawei's Ascend P6 measures a tiny 6.9mm while Umeox's X5 is only 5.6mm — both currently unavailable in the United States. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S4 is 7.9mm thick and the iPhone 5 measures at 7.6mm.

LG made the announcement just weeks before the scheduled release of its next smartphone, rumored to be called the Optimus G2. The Optimus G Pro — LG's current flagship phone — is 9.4mm thick. Could we see this new display technology in LG's next device?

Not every manufacturer believes that thinner is better. Until new technology emerges, it seems that a decent camera and long-lasting battery still require a bit of room. Nokia's new Lumia 1020 is 10.4mm thick and the Galaxy S4 Zoom is a whopping 15.4mm. 

Let's hear from you: What appeals to you more in a smartphone — thinness or performance?


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If they can manufacture it at a comptetitive price, then great,, if it can be read on a sunny day, that is.

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I don't care about the image capturing device (I REFUSE to call them 'cameras') and place battery performance 1st over being able to see+use the screen under all conditions and reception+ call quality.

I have purchased or created some very very THICK phones over the years by using 2x-3x stock battery MaH options to extend the time between charges.

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Definitely performance... "decent camera and long-lasting battery" is dead on target... I'm really waiting for unlocked Lumia 1020 (and the upcoming review - but I expect Nokia nailed it with this phone).

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Im not much of a WP type of person, but a phone like the 1020 could change my mind. Its a nice phone. It doesnt have the newest or greatest of alot of things, but im sure that doesnt matter.


Nothing new Sony did it years ago...LOL with a .2mm OLED screen


A research prototype that's only 432x240 pixels.... Have fun with that one.


Something that actually works and does what it needs to do.

First it needs to be able to make phone calls. If it cannot do that, then the phone is a complete fail. (Galaxy Nexus was the first phone ive had within the last 5 years that dropped phone calls, it was a fail)
After that, connectivity. It needs to have great wifi and bluetooth.
If it cannot hold on to and retain a LTE signal, its a fail.

Everything else is just a want.

I guess Im a performance type a person. It needs to work.

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Total comments: 7
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