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Apps for more colorful captures: One artist's favs

“York 3 Departure” by Tommy Vohs using Leme Camera, iPhoto and Dynamic Light apps.

Mobile artist Tommy Vohrs  invigorates her work with super-saturated colors achieved using a variety of apps and post-processing steps. The Canadian train conductor also captures double exposures with her iPhone to add interest to a scene. 

Vohrs recently shared how she achieves such colorful results in an interview with The App Whisperer.

“Venice Beach Bowl” by Tommy Vohs using Leme Camera, PhotoTropedelic, PictureShow and Image Blender apps.
“St. Andrew” by Tommy Vohs using Lomora and PictureShow apps.
“Spadina Bus Flow” by Tommy Vohs using Leme Camera, Jazz! and Dynamic Light apps.



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These are quite nice, especially "St. Andrew".


dholl, let me know if you want a tutorial, my rates are fair but I can't hold your hand through the whole session. LOL


mutual-backscratching articles promoting substandard work isn't interesting for anyone else.

sarcastic responses from the 'artist' doesn't help anyone.

my suggestion for you to make better images: get a camera with a large-sensor, get a good prime lens, and work on first creating a good photograph (plenty of free online courses out there), then develop the RAW to create your oversaturated world. You'll find the images much improved.


These look awful. They remind me of my first digital-art experiments with an old ArcSoft software.

Over-saturation can be used skillfully and artistically. They can be made to look good technically if supported by a decent-sized sensor and good glass. In this case these look cheap, garish and completely without merit.

Any recommended over-saturated artists out there?


Thank you Tommy for your kind words and good luck with The Colour Geek Squad - I'll keep a look out for that, for sure.


Erin Lodi and Joanne Carter, thanks to you both for this opportunity to show my photos on DPREVIEW. I'm very honoured! I have personally been trying to start a colour movement within the mobile arts community (The Colour Geek Squad) for a year and a half now and we still have a bit of a hike ahead as far as widespread acceptance....some people just can't handle it and this quote by Lucien Freud sums it up nicely:" Full, saturated colour has an emotional significance I want to avoid.."

I'm very pleased with the response I've garnered from my App Whisperer interviews and hope to inspire people to step outside of the safety of muted tones and hit that saturation button!!! Many thanks again!!
Tommy Vohs

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Erin Lodi

Wonderful work, Tommy! So happy to share it!

Total comments: 7
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