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Qualcomm recreates Matrix scene with 130 HTC One smartphones

Qualcomm's "bullet time" rig uses 130 HTC One smartphones.

To promote the capabilities of its Snapdragon processor, Qualcomm put 130 HTC One smartphones on a rig and left it on Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Passersby were invited to enter the ring of phones to perform stunts as the HTC Ones captured their every move. The resulting video is reminiscent of the famous "bullet time" scene from the 1999 movie The Matrix.

Watch it here:

Qualcomm isn't the first company to put low budget HD cameras on a "bullet time" rig. Recently, GoPro has been showing off its wide-angle cameras. Check out this awesome video of a fire breather on a San Francisco rooftop, captured with 24 GoPros:

If you don't have the budget to buy 20+ cameras to create your own Matrix videos, there is another way to mimic the "bullet time" effect. As DPReview reported earlier this year, it is possible to achieve the same look with just $100 and some time.


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The GoPro video looked nice. HTC...nice try. It feels like they made a great rig, but in post, they realized it wasn't synced, so they tried to make something at least interesting looking.

By (unknown member) (Oct 24, 2013)

And the point of this was what?


To make people you contribute to the discussion about various cellphone related events going on right now.


The original bullet time was shot using canon EOS 5 film cameras and sophisticated software was used to merge the images, I suspect they've just used a simple program to create the sequence from the stills hence the "quality" issue.
Good on them for trying.


The video quality is awful especially when you compare with the video shot from by the cameraman. The frame rate is so low that it looks like stop motion. As if half of their camera phones are broken.

Total comments: 5
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