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SanDisk ups microSD capacity to 128GB with new card


SanDisk has announced its new 128GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I memory card. The new card increases storage capacity options for Android smartphones, tablets and other microSD enabled devices, while delivering Class 10 performance, with read speeds up to 30MB/s. It also ships with an SD adapter to use the card with digital cameras and computers. The new 128GB microSDXC card will be available worldwide for MSRP of $199.99. 

Earlier this month SanDisk also announced Extreme PRO SDHC/SDXC UHS-II cards, aimed at 4k video shooters, offering up to 250MB/s write speeds and transfer speeds of up to 280MB/s. Fujifilm's X-T1 is the first camera to offer UHS-II compatibility. The new cards will be available in April in 16GB to 64GB capacities carrying a MSRP of $119.99 to $299.99.


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TN Args

Where are the Terabyte SDXC cards? That is what I want to know.

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$199. How do tablet makers justify their prices per GB, when a high speed card can be retailed this cheaply?


That's just the starting price. This card will be around $75 in a year...$40 in 2 years...$20 in 3 years, but Apple will continue to charge $100 to go from 32GB to 64GB. And another $100+ to go from 64GB to 128GB forever.

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@Michael Ma
Apple will also stand your wrath if the internal storage is bricked but SanDisk will just send you a refab and pretend it never happened.

Different level of quality and service.


poor guy thinks apple has wonderful customer service. it's almost cute!

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@Peiasdf & Michael Ma - Apple is a maniacal sinister giant that feeds off the billions of idiot peasants who idolize the next best thing.

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I wonder if reliability goes down when the capacity increases?


It should technically go up. In regards to how it wears (even though just a little) whenever you write to it. The more space you have, the less times you'll be writing to the same area. This is the theory around SSD drives. Of course, how everyone uses it is different. Some people may write to it just as frequently because they need the space. Although there are better options if you need to write 100GB of data each time you use it.

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No thanks, I learned my lesson with a Sandisk 32gb Extreme Pro CF last year. Lost over 3000 pics and some vids. Now I don't buy anything bigger than 8gb, and just split it up between a few cards.

Imagine filling up 128gb of data and then losing it (either physically or just losing the data).

But then again, I have yet to see this minute cards fail, and we all use them in our phones and tablets. i once pondered the idea of using an adapter to shoot onto it from my cam...


Mind boggling, what we can fit on a 128GB storage the size of a small fingernail... Interesting times we live in.


Crasy... i still have a 4 MB MemoryStick in my desk somewhere.

David Elliott Lewis

I believe there is much pent up demand for this 128gb Micro SDXC memory card, especially from Android phone users, who have been constrained by the previous 64gb memory limit ceiling.

This card really is quite an amazing breakthrough.

While I expect higher speeds and lower prices will be desired future features, I believe this product will fast become a best seller as it currently is a best in class product.

All in all, I say to SanDisk - "BRAVO!"

P.S. I think this new memory card will also have an industry wide impact, raising memory capacities offered for a variety of different devices including phones, tablets and wearables. It really is a breakthrough.

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Total comments: 14
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