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Schneider Optics releases iPro Lens System for iPhone 5

The new iPro Lens System, with a new case, is designed specifically for the iPhone 5.

Just as we finished posting about Olloclip's new telephoto lens, we received news that Schneider Optics released its iPro Lens System for iPhone 5, the Series 2.

The trio kit comes with three Series 2 lenses, the new iPhone 5 case and handle. Lenses are also available separately.

In addition to a new outer case to fit the iPhone 5's design, Schneider Optics developed the lens system to better fit with the iPhone 5 camera's higher resolution, improved lens and sensor.

The iPro Lens System includes five interchangeable lenses: a new macro, wide angle, super wide, fisheye and telephoto. The new super wide angle lens doubles the iPhone 5 lens' field of view and the new fisheye offers a 180-degree view.  According to Schneider, the 2x telephoto lens was built specifically to take advantage of the iPhone 5's higher resolution.

The new two-part case slides on and off the iPhone and includes a handle that can be attached to the case and also stores the lenses when not in use. 

The original iPro lenses for the iPhone 4 and 4S (which we reviewed last year) can be used on the iPhone 5 with the new iPro 5 Series 1 case. 

Prices for the Series 2 lenses start at $39; a kit with the new case, storage device and three lenses is priced at $229.


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I have the iPro Lens kit plus a 4th lens. The optics are very good. The case for the iPhone 5 is of poor quality. I've been through 2 and waiting on a 3rd to be sent. Props to Schneider for free replacement of the first one that got caught on a thread in my pocket and snapped the top right off the case. The second one fell apart where the tube screws into the camera case. Once threaded it just fell out of the hole and the screw thread was stuck to the handle. Disappointing to have over $300 invested only to have a low quality case. I hope they make huge improvements for the next round of cases. The lenses are very good.


Not too clear, does the fisheye lens come with the 3 lens kit?


As a professional shooter. This is where the tech is heading. I've been using this only in LA & NYC with stunning results. I use this system for travel, long exposure, reporting, street & portrait use. I respect the Schneider optic as extremely professional.

I have tried them all to just see what works. eh, I sold all my DSLR gear. I still shoot Leica..but now that is now collecting dust.

This is the future, just recently the Chicago Sun Times release their photojournalists to be replaced by iPhones.

Please feel free to view my IG, Twitter.. etc. under @mickmotor for images.

This is really amazing and it's time to push the limits. Thank you to Schneider for taking a chance.

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I want to thank Kendall below for his critique of these lenses compared to Oloclip. As a serious iPhone shooter myself, I'd like to see an objective study with images comparing Schneider optics, Olloclip and the magnetic lenses. It's time to start reviewing these products seriously and not simply as cute accessories for a cellphone.


This is a great idea because I think Oloclip has also improved lens quality. The price difference indicates the Schneider lenses are probably still better, but a careful test of the latest generation of lenses would be a great idea.


I'd rather carry my travelzoom cam. Miles better than a mediocre camera phone with useless accessories. And oh its pocketable, how about the iPhone with 5 lbs of useless accessories, will they fit inside your pocket? No? Will carry a bag for those? I'd rather bring my bridge camera then.


The iPhone5 camera is as good as any cheap compact, and with the added lenses gives you a wide range of shooting. If you look at the image of the kit the lenses all come in a small tube that screws together for storage, and also acts as a handle to hold the camera horizontally. It doesn't weigh "5 lbs", it weighs a few ounces and can easily just fit in a pocket with your wallet.

The other benefit is that unlike your travel zoom you can use some of the effects lenses like the fisheye to take movies with, and the iPhone definitely delivers better quality video than just about any compact camera.

For real images I care about travel zooms just aren't enough a cut above the iPhone to matter; if I want to take quality images that's why I have a fixed-lens compact like the Sigma DP-3M.


These lenses make perfect sense for professionals (estate agents, salesmen, journalists etc...), and are priced accordingly.
They are very useful for anyone who would benefit from using a device (iPhone) already in their pocket to take photos and send them instantly back to clients or colleagues at the office etc...


I have the new iPhone 5 case, although I don't have the new lens set yet.

If you have used the old iPhone 4/4s case the new one is far better. The old one was very functional but devilishly hard to remove, so if you didn't want a case on all the time it made it hard to work with.

The new case is made of a nicer material, semi-rubbery to it's easy to hold. It also slides on and feels very secure while also being easy to remove.

I'm going to pick up the new lenses for sure. In a test with the last generation Olloclip & Schneider wide angle lenses, the Schneider lens had less distortion and yielded a sharper picture. Schneider lenses may be expensive but when you're already starting from a lower end on the megapixel spectrum you want as little aberration from adaptive lenses as possible.

Total comments: 9
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