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Polaroid Socialmatic Camera could be reality by next year


We've been waiting for a tangible version of the Instagram Socialmatic concept camera since ARD Studio introduced the idea in May of last year. 

Intended as the Instagram app icon come to life, the imagined stand-alone digital camera would both share images on the popular photo-sharing social network and print them á la Polaroid. Initial conceptualized specs included 16GB of SD storage, a 4:3 touchscreen display, LED flash, optical zoom, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and a built-in printer. Printed images would bare users' Instagram handles and a QR code that other Socialmatic shooters can scan in order to follow the Instagram feed.

The concept is now closer to becoming a reality following new agreements between Socialmatic LLC and C & A Marketing that allows the company to produce and market cameras and accessories under the Polaroid brand owned by PLR IP Holdings, LLC. The deal includes the newly branded Polaroid Socialmatic Camera and includes camera bags, lenses, filters and other camera accessories.

Socialmatic expects the camera will be available by the first quarter of 2014.

This video from ARD Studio considers what the concept camera could do:


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I think there is a place in the market for this type of camera...
Just got to get the price right... !
The only thing that worries me - April Fools Day is fast approaching! - Is this another elaborate fool being created here.. remember Chris Marquardt and his pin hole camera 2 years ago, and how the interest ballooned over that concept. It got everybody thinking could this be for real.... He received loads of interest emails and orders!
I'm wondering whether we are seeing the same thing... Watch out for posts... If and its a big IF (in my book) its for real I'd buy one! and post all my photos off to friends around the world for keep sakes!


This lens design clearly can't be produced.


Big (= fast?) lens ==> 1'' sensor? Extremely short flange-distance? Optical viewfinder? Sounds nice.

Oh, it is a digitally rendered mockup.

Doubt I will trade in my sx-70 for this...


This needed to be on the shelves a year ago... though it could still do well.

Ryan Williams

Agreed. Instagram has already peaked, and now Facebook have implemented all filters directly into their own app after purchasing the service it's significantly less compelling than it used to be.

Joe Ogiba

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera or Instagram Socialmatic Camera , so which is it ? Either way I am not interested.

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People who would buy this camera dont need paper photos anymore.


instant shearing and printing - there is no need in both of them in single device , surely not for target audience
nice design though


Can I make a phone-call with it? ... No ?
How about internet browsing? ... No ?

Rubbish !!!!

Sorry not interested !!!!!!


"it is time to shine and buy one..."
No it isn't. The camera does not exist.

"Does this use Polaroid's Zink print technology?"
Note that Zink is just something Polaroid licenses, not something they developed. Polaroid is not a technology company anymore, it is a brand licensing company. The Polaroid cameras that do use Zink are much thicker than the mockup in the video.

"Socialmatic expects the camera will be available by the first quarter of 2014."
Before or after the Polaroid brand removable lens Android camera? I think most announcements with the name Polaroid in them should go in the fantasy section of this website.

The one new product with the Polaroid name that actually exists didn't get any coverage here or in dpreview. It's a store called fotobar, if anybody is interested.

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I'm hoping the thinner profile is a clue to it having a newer, better Zink printer, since the first gen prints were noted for their very low quality. What else might they use for their prints, if not Zink?

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Ok 100 Million lurkagramers, it is time to shine and buy one of this.


The viewfinder missing from the back!


Queer shape, might be difficult to hold properly.
Aprat from that, it's a great design, and that matters probably more in that market segment.

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So does this use Polaroid's Zink print technology?


hipster toy, but the the design is cool. might get one just to look at and sit on the coffee table.

Total comments: 16
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