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iPhotographer magazine hits Apple's digital newsstand

A preview issue of the iPhotographer can be downloaded for free.

A new digital magazine has emerged to highlight iPhone photography news and trends. iPhotographer magazine exclusively focuses on images taken with iOS devices.

The new magazine is a creation of P1xels founder Knox Bronson and publisher Petr Palan. An initial preview issue features articles about how your astrological sign can affect your choice of apps, hardware advice from iWorld Mobile Masters speaker Jack Hollingsworth and an Instagram gallery curated by Lanie Heller (@momma2maxh). 

From the iPhotographer's website:

It’s all original, exclusive content for this edition only. Even though it is only half the size of our upcoming regular issues, you will find it overflowing with informative stories, beautiful pictures, and great fun.

The iPad-optimized magazine can be download for free from iTunes.


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"An initial preview issue features articles about how your astrological sign can affect your choice of apps,"

Lolz :)


Tan68: "'Apptographer' is really more apt" - Or should that be 'appt'? I'll get my coat.

Perhaps the magazine will include actual advice for capturing pleasing images on lower-end hardware, useful tips on how to handle huge exposure differences for example?


You are right, 'appt' is the word to have used.

It has the opportunity to do some good, this magazine. I am not so sure about the zodiac/astrological effect article... But some information on the type of thing you mention is worthwhile.

to jcmarfilph: no, I don't figure they really think the iPhone is a superior imagining device (compared to all other phones) but the title of the magazine does take advantage of the iCulture and all that is. It is a popularity thing and probably not a bad choice.

Other than Apple-specific software, some of the content should apply just as well to any other phone camera.


What? A compilation of horrid images blasted with unnecessary lousy filters. Do they really have to make their own magazine? Do they really think iPhone images are superior than images from other smartphone?

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I thought only Android, Windows or Symbian devices were smart phones. I thought the iPhone was just its own thing. Separate from the rest.

If the magazine is for iPhone things only, why would they group an iPhone with all the rest. Right on the cover.

Unless iPhones are the only smartphone... I don't think that is right.

'Apptographer' is really more apt, I think. No confusing iPhone with smart phones. When people think of apps, they think of Apple. Most phone pictures have some app stuff (bokeh effect or rustic sepia or something) done to them. It seems.

Or they could just go with something like 'photographer'. Of course, 'pho' is for 'phone'.

Total comments: 5
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