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Xiaomi introduces high-powered, low-priced Mi Pad tablet


After a few interesting Android smartphones Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has now launched its first tablet. Like its phone counterparts, the Xiaomi Mi Pad has impressive specs at a very reasonable price point. The 16GB version of the 7.9-inch tablet will set you back approximately $240 and the 64GB variant is only $270. 

With a 7.9-inch, 2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution screen, the Mi Pad is clearly aimed at Apple's iPad Mini. This is also reflected in the design, although the Mi Pad is available in a multitude of colors. 

Under the hood Android 4.4 is powered by a NVIDIA Tegra K1 quad core processor, making the Mi Pad the first tablet to use this chip. Both the 8MP rear and the 5MP front camera feature a fast F2.0 aperture and power is provided by a 6,700 mAh battery.

With this spec sheet, the Xiaomi does indeed look like a bargain. Unfortunately no detail about availability has been provided yet. A beta-program is planned to start in June when we're also likely to find about the exact timing of the market launch and availability outside China. 

Key Specification:

  • 7.9-inch display, 2,048 x 1,536 pixels (326 ppi)
  • NVIDIA Tegra K1 Quadcore(+1)-SoC , 2,2 GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16 or 64GB internal storage
  • microSD-slot up to 128GB
  • 8MP rear camera / 5MP front camera, both F2.0 aperture
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 6.700 mAh battery



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Who owns the i-PAD name first in China? Apple? No!

Here is the old news:

"Apple Pays $60 Million for iPad Name in China

More than $60 million and two years later, Apple finally owns the rights to the name iPad in China.

Apple and Proview International had been embroiled in a tangled web of lawsuits and countersuits disputing claims of infringement, defamation, and fraud since 2009. The settlement mitigates Apple’s concerns about blocked iPad sales in China, and may come in the nick of time for LCD screen manufacturer Proview, which filed for bankruptcy in March.

The Guangdong High People’s Court announced in a statement today that the two companies had come to a resolution over ownership of the IPAD trademark with Apple paying Proview $6o million...


Yeah more cheap stuff from China we are all winners.


Not very nice to steal a name like that m-ipad. Hmmm.

That to me is something I can't get past. Be as original as possible. That name is, regardless of what the company says, an attempt to sound just like Ipad, and that's not cool.

Might as well call it iiPad. It's just about as close.

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So now "pad" is exclusive of apple and anybody else using it is stealing it from them?

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Quite agree Mario,

It's called the Mi Pad and that's not like the iPad.

There's a gap between the Mi and pad whereas the only gap in the iPad is where the SD Card goes.

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esmu urdis

There is a huge difference between mi and i one is about ownership the other about self


Xiao is the romanisation for small, and mi for rice in Chinese. In China, where their products are extremely popular, their brand is always referred to as mi. Hence mi pad.

Please remember that there are other languages than English in this world.


Yes indeed,

Mi is about ownership of the Mi Pad and the ability appreciate good design at affordable prices.

I is about self importance and the ability to show how much money can be spent on ego as well as spending copious amounts on various add-ons which come as standard with better designed products.


If xiaomi really produces comparable or superior products to the current big players at lower prices, then it is all the better for us consumers. Sometimes we get so used to the expensive prices and think that's the norm, but in fact we are just paying for their bonuses and taxpayer dividends. kudos to xiaomi and all other "underdogs" who try to bring us quality products at lower prices.

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you only know half of it: the MIUI from xiaomi resembles IOS in such a degree: the icons with round corners, the way they grouped, the unified "desktop" and "all programs", the way things bounce back at end, the styles of controls...

I don't think they can sell that in USA or similar countries.

esmu urdis

Yea I grew some roses and my neighbor's roses look similar to mine .......... hmmn it could be that they are both roses
ps I have a old chalk slate that looks like a ipad, I reckon apple copied it

Jacques Cornell

Appallingly shameless and unoriginal.


"A beta-program is planned to start in June when we're also likely to find about the exact timing of the market launch and availability outside China.”

Note that Xiaomi doesn’t sell *any* products in the US or the UK. They sell in China and Singapore and that’s about it. The last statement I read on selling in the US is that they will concentrate on Asia first. I haven’t read anything about plans to sell in Europe or the UK.

All of that could change, but as of now, Xiaomi has no public plans to sell this tablet, or any other product, to 95 percent of the people reading Connect.

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Wow, an I-PAD with a decent front and back camera AND an SD card at half the price!

Ooops, just noticed it's a very reasonably priced well featured tablet that's obviously not an Apple product.

Looks amazing and the design is just breathtaking.

The Mi Pad, I love it.


You would have thought that as Apple patent everything from square screens to on / off buttons, they would have patented the Ai Pad, Bi Pad, Ci Pad etc, etc, etc...................


Can we download a camera straight into it or does it need another accessory? And does it take jpegs without compressing them further? And does it take RAW files at all? And why can't somebody make a small tablet & OS with full USB and file management functionality?

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Uh, have you not seen all the Windows 8 tablets?

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David V

Problem is that many of the more capable Windows 8 tablets are as thick as some Ultra Books and cost as much as a full featured laptop. At that point, you might as well buy an Ultrabook or Macbook Air.


Geez, if you were happy to use an ARM SoC tablet like this Xiaomi 8", you should be just as happy to use a Bay Trail tablet that can run full Windows 8.1.

Personally I'm looking forward to picking up one of those 8" tablets. As a photographer the only thing they lack for me is a built-in SD card slot. SD card readers, I know, but it's one less thing to forget!


The level of copying that's going on with the Mi Pad and all DP can say is "aimed at Apple's iPad Mini. " Let's at least be honest here, this is a level of theft that probably won't be allowed outside China.

Fairly common in China of course. You go into any big market area in Beijing or Shanghai and the booths are full of knock-offs of international brands. You can get a great price on a real, authentic "Rolex" that falls apart after a month.

I assume the hardware for the Mi Pad isn't that level of cheap crap. But the real issue is the software interface. If it's standard Android, it could very well take market share away from Samsung. The Mi Pad could definitely undercut their tablets.

I don't think it competes as much with Apple regardless of Mi Pad's flagrant copying. Many of the folks in China who have the money for Apple won't want to own a brand that screams knock-off.


“ ... the real issue is the software interface. If it's standard Android ...”

Xiaomi has never used standard Android. They were developing a custom Android OS long before they had any hardware to put it on. For example, I ran their MIUI OS on my Nexus One for a while.

"Let's at least be honest here, this is a level of theft that probably won't be allowed outside China.”

I disagree. Everybody copies Apple’s tablet designs, and phone designs, and laptop designs for that matter. You might as well throw in UI design as well. For copying Apple, there are no limits on race, creed, color, nationality, or sexual orientation.

"I don't think it competes as much with Apple ..."

Xiaomi doesn't have to compete with Apple. They are competing with Samsung.

""a brand that screams knock-off."

Xiaomi does some very interesting things to engage their customers. They are much more than just another knock-off brand.

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Thanks for the info on their brand of Android. As far as everyone copying Apple, I won't disagree with you on that one. One of Samsung's internal docs from the first trial had over a hundred side by side features and UX elements that the Samsung designers decided to copy. But then again, they lost that case and their branding suffered.

As far as Xiaomi being "much more than just another knock-off brand," if they are really aspiring to be something great in their own right why become known as a knock-off brand in the first place?

A company's reputation is immensely important. And whenever I see a company that gets that shameless, that obvious, I lose respect.

You are right that everyone copies. Having a "best of breed" product means you will occasionally grab an idea. However, you ultimately want to see if a company can raise the bar.

But you're right, these guys are going after Samsung and a consumer that doesn't mind a Samsung will get a better product with this Mi Pad.


I find your response pretty dismissive of a company that is actually very innovative. You are clearly an 'Apple snob' - I assure you that Xiaomi have been doing their own thing for many years now. Jesus this tedious 'everything that comes out of China is cheap/knock off' idea that prevails is just plain wrong.


"if they are really aspiring to be something great in their own right why become known as a knock-off brand in the first place?"

Xiaomi takes care of their brand. They are not known as a knock off brand in China and other places where they sell their products.

Right now they have no plans to sell in the US. When they do, I'm sure they will find a way to get people to see them as more than a knock-off.

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"You can get a great price on a real, authentic "Rolex" that falls apart after a month."

I actually have a knock off "Rolex" and it's been keeping very accurate time for the last six years.


Will, I have no problem with someone who buys a product that imitates another company's product. You like the original company's design and want to save some bucks, then go for the cheap version.

But in a forum like this, people should be able to share ideas without being called names. I'm not a "snob." You know nothing about how I've lived my life. Calling someone who disagrees with you a name just tells others that you're willing to trash others just to win an argument.

I also didn't say "everything" out of China is a knock-off. But clearing many folks on this site can see some shameless imitation going on. And anyone who's lived there knows that too many companies there do cheap knockoffs. That's a fact.

As a product manager, I care about creating something good. My company spends hours and hours sweating the details. And I know what its like to have someone else steal the idea instead of doing the work themselves. So please, stop the name calling, Will. It cheapens you.

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They copied even the Apple flaws, how retarded.
One of the weak points of the iPads so far is the missing of a LED light, like the iPhones have.
Also the iPad mini Retina has a sub par display (small gamut) compared to Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle which uses Quatum Dots display. I hope these Xiaomi knock offs at leas have a better screen than the iPad mini.
Wonder if it comes with a Calculator and a Voice Recorder App since Apple stubbornly refuses to include with iPads.


I saw some photos of the presentation, and while I dont read chinese, one of the slides seemed to be comparing color gamut, and the miPad certainly seemed to have superior color gamut to the iPad mini retina.


"Mi Pad"? Expect a lawsuit from Apple.


Xiaomi looks like a very interesting company…some cool products - surfing Apple's meme for sure, but with the talent they have on their board I expect to see some interesting stuff coming from them in the near future...

Lars Rehm

Yes, Hugo Barra, previously Google, is on their board, they certainly seem to take things seriously and while this admittedly looks a little too much like an Apple product their latest high-end phone has very good looking specs and a more "independent" design.

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Chinese company – check. Imitating apple's product name, looks of advertising materials, and gadget's appearance (iPod touch) – check. High specifications, unreasonably low price – check. Now, it's evident that something was saved upon. Most likely it will look and feel cheap, fail and disintegrate within months.


Half-price - check


"Now, it's evident that something was saved upon."

Yes. It's called the Apple Tax.


"Chinese company ...Most likely it will look and feel cheap, fail and disintegrate within months"?

Can U ever find a single Phone, PC, Tablet which are NOT made in China.

BTW: Xiaomi is NOT just another Chinese company. Google it, and look the management team.

papa natas

At least they won't suck our blood by selling us at abusive prices all the extras such as iphone & ipad cases at 40$. SD card slot free, not at 30$ adapter. I feel we are caught in a consumerism trap with Apple.


Likely they're merely pricing it up with the standard tight margin that exists in the rest of the consumer products sector.


Armchair commentator who has no idea what he's talking about - check.

Rocky Mtn Old Boy

Apple fan-boi - Check.

While I likely will never buy this product or an ipad mini due to the form factor - I do however applaude competition in the marketplace. It is companies like Xiaomi that maybe don't inspire innovation to the extent of Apple... but they sure as hell keep prices in check. This will be on Alibaba before year's end.

And +Lapkonium... if you think Apple hasn't pinched ideas from other companies... do your homework, mate.

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Jus to balance the scales - to the people talking about apple "tax" (please check the definition of tax), or applauding cheap knock offs (not saying mipad is a knock off), please keep in mind that R&D is costly and risky - first movers (not just Apple, and I know this brand does do their own thing too, just maybe not with this model) need to get a bigger reward for investing their capital in R&D, and for taking the risk of not recouping their investment if the product fails. Its easy to have low margins when you are a follower. If Apple and others could no longer get big rewards in the form of high margins, they would have less incentive to invest in new products, and then we would all lose - who would the fast followers follow?


Very nice and great price! Please don't disappoint.


wow wow wow specs, very nice. SD slot, 4.4 KitKat and 6.700 mAh battery? Bye bye Asus or ? Good to see nice competition on this area. Curious about the screen quality.
SD slot is a must.

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At about 1/2 the price shown here, I can still be very happy with my Asus 7HD. Sure it's out-spec'd but not by enough to overwhelm me or overdraw my accounts.

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