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Photographer turns to iPhone for creative wedding shoot


Sephi Bergerson is well-known for his documentary-style wedding photography in India

Bergerson has created a niche for himself with his spontaneous approach and "real" photos, which he also employs in his food photography showcased in his book Street Foods of India and editorial work for corporate clients.

He also counts himself an iPhoneographer. His love for mobile photography can be seen in his blog posts in which he discusses the medium. "You might not realize it yet, but this is as big, or even bigger, than the invention of the digital camera," Bergerson recently posted. Last month, he took this passion for shooting with his iPhone 4S and put it to good use with a bride and groom, Rishita and Kintan Brahmbhatt, who hired him to shoot their wedding in Gujarat in western India.

Bergerson shot the more formal wedding events with his DSLR, but chose his iPhone for a more casual shoot with the couple after the ceremony.

Indian weddings are generally elaborate and filled with a number of formal events. After all that jazz, a post-wedding shoot in an abandoned bus and streets of Gujarat seemed like a perfect idea to unwind for both the photographer and the couple. 

"I had a great opportunity to work with a couple who were open minded enough to let me do their couple shoot with the iPhone and not my regular DSLR," Bergerson said.

The day started off with a few shots against the backdrop of Gujarat's ancient step-well Adalaj. While pausing for a break over Gatia, fried green chillies and hot chai, Bergerson decided to take a few shots with his phone on the streets nearby and Instagram them on his feed, @fotowala. They even got passersby to take part, pausing for a group shot that shows off the local culture. 

"The iPhone shoot gave us a chance to move around and try out different things quickly," recalled the bride afterward. "Because of the spontaneity, we had a great time and it shows, versus pictures with posed fake smiles. Also we love the Polaroid effect."

Bergerson used Polamatic to acheive an old-school Polaroid effect and edited the images with Snapseed  before Instagramming them.

"On the way to the airport after the shoot, I quickly edited and shared them with the couple," Bergerson described. "It was such a new experience and we all loved it. Maybe not award-winning images, but we have some great memories."

After a successful first experience with Mr. and Mrs. Brahmbhatt, Bergerson is looking forward to incorporating the iPhone into more wedding shoots in the future.


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Tom Goodman

I'd ask for a refund if I were the couple in question.

bernd schmekel

i like this documentary-style photography (iphonegraphy)


Comment 2 (as in the Twitter-generation we're not supposed to write very much thanks to skinny character-limits):


If he's such an "i-phoneographer", then take away his DSLR and commission him to do an entire wedding with his phone. Put some retro digital filters over all the pics and hey presto, you've got yourself something amazing.

Good luck with that. But please go easy on the worship, it's making the rest of us feel queasy.


From the article:

Bergerson has created a niche for himself with his spontaneous approach and "real" photos...He also counts himself an iPhoneographer: "You might not realize it yet, but this is as big, or even bigger, than the invention of the digital camera,"

Bergerson shot the entire wedding with his DSLR.

You see it's comments like this that render the entire phone photography scene a self-perpetuating mutual backslapping affair of supremely smug hipsterism, while the questionable quality of its output leaves the rest of us wondering what all the fuss is about.

"real" photos, with that much extra saturation? He used his proper camera anyway for the actual job.


I'm struggling to see how an Indian wedding photographer can be classed as a hipster?


Not an original idea, not very interesting photos.


What editorial policy got dpreview to post this article? Paid coverage or just shortage of stories?


deleted, double post

Edited 3 minutes after posting
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this shows how clients saves money from photographers. yay!


You must be a professional troll or missed the point of the article. Impressive.

Total comments: 132
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