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Adobe Lightroom Mobile now available for iPhone


Adobe has announced that Lightroom Mobile - first released for the iPad back in April, is now available for the Apple iPhone. Available for owners of Lightroom 5 for desktop, Lightroom Mobile essentially allows you to work on images on an Apple iPad or iPhone and sync adjustments between mobile and desktop versions of the software.

Speaking to press, an Adobe representative explained the creation of Lightroom Mobile by saying 'we need to be where our customers want to be'. Available on the iPad since April, Lightroom mobile incorporates the essentials of the desktop version of the software, including support for Raw images and a suite of editing tools which will be largely familiar to existing users of Lightroom 5 on desktop. If you own the desktop version of Lightroom, all edits made to images in Lightroom Mobile are synced to Lightroom 5 on your desktop, via Adobe's Creative Cloud.

The version of Lightroom Mobile for iPhone and iPad are identical in terms of functionality, and Adobe has added several new features to version 1.1 including the ability to add star ratings to images, and view and sort images in any (custom) order. If you create a custom sort order this will be automatically synced via Creative Cloud to the desktop version of Lightroom.

Press release:

Adobe Lightroom mobile

Now you can take Lightroom® anywhere and extend your workflow beyond the desktop - access, edit, organize, and share images from anywhere.

Edit and organize images anywhere, anytime, on your iPad or iPhone (new with the June 2014 release). Enhance everything from smartphone photos to raw images from DLSR cameras using powerful and familiar tools. Automatically sync all your mobile edits with Lightroom 5 on your desktop. Easily share all of your photos to social media sites. With Adobe Lightroom mobile, your photography is going places.

Top features of Lightroom mobile

Lightroom mobile consists of three components: Lightroom for iPad and iPhone, Lightroom 5 for desktop, and the Lightroom mobile service in Creative Cloud, which handles sync between Lightroom on your mobile devices and Lightroom 5 on your desktop.

Go to to learn more or to get started with a free trial.


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Michael Ma
By Michael Ma (3 months ago)

Without raw support, this is mostly pointless. Maybe the iPhone 6 will shoot in RAW?

papa natas
By papa natas (3 months ago)

El crapo del toro!!!!
I downloaded it for my iPd & iPhone.
It was the trial run.
Then I had to register to have the right to explore this version.
It asked me to sign in with the e-address plus pass word associated to my phone & tablet. THEY WERE REFUSED TIME & TIME AGAIN BECAUSE THE DAMN THING DIDN'T RECOGNIZE THEM.
Then we have CONNECT addressing us to visit the two URL indicated in the last paragraph of this article...
Yeah, go and click on them just to find two invalid web pages.
This must be a scam to see how many hits their article gets from all those suckers like me.
Thanks Adobe.
Top of the morning for you, CONNECT!!

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Mitch Baltuch
By Mitch Baltuch (3 months ago)

The problem for me is that I am not on an Apple platform. I need it on Android. Adobe says that they are working on an Android version, but I have no idea when it will be available. There are times when Adobe really sucks.

By PeterAustin (3 months ago)

Agreed. For my technical applications, the stylus on the Samsung note tablets is superior over those available for the ipads. Holding the tablet in my hand, I can't use the Ink&slide workaround that Adobe sells. The non-existing file management on the ipad is also an issue that favors the Android tablets. Unfortunately, Adobe is primarily catering to ipad users. A poor decision as far as I am concerned.

By DCPhotography (3 months ago)

Zzzzzzz. Android... Eh? What? Zzzzzzz

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By NJOceanView (3 months ago)

Note this requires iOS7.

By PicOne (3 months ago)

My iphone doesn't take raw files, so what's the point.

By Nis (3 months ago)

thats again an argue for ANDROID my Nexus 7 takes raw files

By Sannaborjeson (3 months ago)

Any chance to sync my film presets between desktop and mobile?

By iwaddo77 (3 months ago)

Is there a minimum iPhone required, can't find anything anywhere but it will not install on my iPhone 4, says the phone is not compatible.

Michael Piziak
By Michael Piziak (3 months ago)

I don't think I'd want to retouch images on such a small screen.

Stu 5
By Stu 5 (2 months ago)

iPhone 4s

David Wolk
By David Wolk (3 months ago)

Double check the links for this app. The URL text below are correct and work fine, but the hyperlinks underneath aren't correct:

"Go to to learn more or to get started with a free trial."

By ChrisKramer1 (3 months ago)

LR on a phone


Nigel Wilkins
By Nigel Wilkins (3 months ago)

I'd probably consider this if I was using Canon gear, but since switching to Fujifilm I now use Iridient Developer, so lightroom on it's own isn't much use any more. Perhaps Adobe should invest some subscription money into developing Fuji files better.

Bill Rees
By Bill Rees (3 months ago)

Queue the endless complaining about the subscription model.

By uuronl (3 months ago)

LR5 isn't subscription.

By pkvman13 (3 months ago)

But LR Mobile is only for CC customers, because that's how you sync between iphone/ipad and computer.

Total comments: 18
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