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NeroKwik helps you create and share photo collages

NeroKwik automatically creates a photo library of all your images for browsing.
In addition to mobile devices, PC and cloud storage, NeroKwik can access images from social networks Facebook and Google+.

NeroKwik's free photo streaming and sharing app is now available for Nook and allows users to gather, view and share images whether they're stored on a mobile device, desktop, social networks or the cloud. Featuring a timeline for browsing,  you can arrange your images, create photo collages with the app's Tapestries feature and share them via email, text message or on Facebook or Google+.

NeroKwik, which is also available for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, Windows 8 (coming soon for Windows Phone 8), can be downloaded from the Nook store here or directly from NeroKwik. The free app can be installed on up to two devices.


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