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Snappgrip gives smartphones a camera feel

Snappgrip gives camera feel to your smartphone.

Want the feel of a camera when shooting with your smartphone? Snappgrip attaches to your iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy 3 and quickly makes your mobile feel much more like a compact camera.

The accessory snaps on and off a sturdy case and offers familiar camera controls, accessible with one hand. Working in conjuction with an app, the shutter button offers focusing with a half press, and captures an image with full press. A standard zoom switch replaces your touchscreen pinch, and a shooting mode dial allows you to switch between portrait, landscape, flash and video modes within the camera app. The bottom of the Snappgrip also includes a tripod mount and micro-USB port.

We had a play with the accessory this week at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas and did enjoy the added weight and control the grip provided. Models on display were still prototypes, but we look forward to reviewing the Snappgrip fully and learning more about the product's integration with its app.

Designer Lee Harris shared with us that although Snappgrip is currently designed to work only with its own app, he expects to announce Snappgrip's first app partnership in the next few weeks. Snappgrip will also release an API so that any developers can integrate its controls to their own app -- a very interesting opportunity for photography app makers indeed.

This Kickstarter project is nearly fully funded by backers who've now contributed £17,368 of Snapgrip's intended £18,000 goal. 

Harris was confident the accessory will start shipping in late February or early March when we spoke to him this week at CES.


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Over a year later, it's finally been released (iPhone only and so far only shipping in the UK and the Android version is still being worked on) and the software is buggy as heck - the demos from a year back seem to show it working fine, though. Really underwhelming and then the added fun of very little in the way of info from the snappgrip people during the project.


I just received mine yesterday. Very well-made, very professional looking and I had no problem once I downloaded the snappgripp app using my iPhone 5 . Hopefully there will be connectivity with my other important camera apps such as 645PRO in the near future. Overall I think it is going to be a useful tool for the iPhone as a camera


I don't get it either!

Surely the whole point of the iphone camera is it's small and you can take it everywhere.
So why does everyone keep making these stupid things that makes it bigger???

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It's not about making it bigger, the stupidity is investing tons of accessories for a crappy camera.

Let's see...

Gorillapod for iCrap
Steadycam for iCrap
Snapgrip for iCrap
Plastic filters and conversion lenses for iCrap
Telescope adapter for iCrap
SLR lens adapter for iCrap
Chestmount for iCrap
Waterproof casing for iCrap
Editing picture within iCrap
and many many more...


For goodness sake. With all these stupid accessories for iphone that will fill in a bag, is it so hard to just buy a real camera and just use your iphone as a phone?


But then people will realize how bad iphone is at being a phone.

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