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2013 Holiday Mobile Photography Gift Guide


'Tis the season for giving, but buying for your friends and loved ones can be hard, especially when it comes to photography gear. Smartphones give everyone the chance to be a photographer, whether it's your otherwise technology illiterate uncle or extremely enthusiastic daughter. But what do you get your friend who #thinks #in #hashtags, the sister who documents the whole little league series with her iPhone or the spouse who is a professional photographer, but enjoys a little smartphone snapping on the side?

Here at DPReview Connect, we have you covered. We've got gifts for the Instagram enthusiast, serial smartphone documentary photographer and the DSLR-turned-mobile photography convert. Click through the different pages of this extensive smartphone photography gift guide to see our favorite products for the mobile photographer in your life.


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You missed out the most obvious one "a real camera".


Some of these items are a bit too expensive and look inconvenient, to use. May as well have a small compact if you are going through all that trouble just to optically zoom with your phone.

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Id rather buy a decent compact this holiday season and forget the miseries and nightmares of shooting with a mobile phone.


A number of the gift ideas presented are viable even for compact camera users (heck even for compact mirrorless models)... Gotta wonder why you're even reading an article tagged Connect if you aren't interested in shooting with smartphones though, assuming you're reading it and aren't just trolling that is.


The Joby Tight Grip Micro Stand rocks, I use the tripod part with my pocket camera and my M43 all the time, often leaving it attached for the day, it's that unobtrusive.

I'm actually using the top part (the phone grip) as my car mount, it's screwed unto a small stick-on tripod screw that was meant for putting action cams in helmets and such.

Works great as a cart mount because it's easily to fold down so it's more conspicuous, or unscrew so it's not visible at all; plus it's sturdy enough to hold any phone firmly but easy enough that you can clip the phone on with one hand once you get the hang of it.

Total comments: 5
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