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Nokia's Lumia sales exceed expectations

Nokia's Lumia 920 features an 8.7-megapixel camera. The Lumia line of smartphones sold 4.4 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Nokia claims that it has “achieved underlying profitability” following a preliminary analysis of its fourth quarter report. The company had a rough 2012, firing thousands of employees and even selling its Finnish headquarters

Despite continuous speculation from tech pundits that Nokia’s Windows 8-running Lumia phones were a flop, Nokia exceeded expectations by selling 4.4 million Lumia phones in the fourth quarter. Nokia’s more affordable phones remained its most popular, with its Asha smartphones selling 9.3 million units.

In its press release, Nokia summed up its sales within the context of the global smartphone market:

  • Nokia currently estimates that Devices & Services net sales in the fourth quarter 2012 were approximately EUR 3.9 billion, with total device volumes of 86.3 million units.
  • Mobile phones net sales of approximately EUR 2.5 billion, with total volumes of 79.6 million units of which 9.3 million units were Asha full touch smartphones.
  • Smart devices net sales of approximately EUR 1.2 billion, with total volumes of 6.6 million units of which 4.4 million units were Nokia Lumia smartphones.
  • Total smartphone volumes of 15.9 million units composed of 9.3 million Asha full touch smartphones, 4.4 million Lumia smartphones and 2.2 million Symbian smartphones.
  • Devices & Services Other net sales of approximately EUR 0.2 billion, including a positive impact from non-recurring IPR income of approximately EUR 50 million. 

Read the full press release here


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I bought my wife a Nokia to replace her old button Nokia. That makes 16 Nokias I've had or got for my family and business since 1998.

Battery life is reduced alarmingly if you don't switch off wi-fi search but other than that, it takes brilliant photos for such a puny little lens and Windows, which everyone thought wouldn't work is brilliant.

I'd buy another Nokia in a heartbeat if I needed another one.


Well deserved, it is really a great phone.

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tuerta photography

I know one reason their count is high: My sister-in-law is on her *fourth* Lumia 920. Every one of them has had serious problem locking up, draining battery, or having features that don't work. It's been replaced 3 times under warranty and if she has any problems with this one, she's throwing in the towel and going back to an android phone.


LOL! "Exceed expectations" does not mean anything, as it all depends on how high (or low... ;) ) I set these expectations.
And 4.4 millions is not that much... Sony alone sold 8 million Android smartphones.
Anyway, it is surprising that this site never reviewed the 920, given the claims that Nokia made about the quality of the camera.

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Lars Rehm

as I've mentioned below we will have a review of the 920 out in the very near future.

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Still good timing as Nokia has somewhat fixed the 920 camera performance by the end 2012 and several markets (like the Netherlands) are only now starting to be spoon fed available 920's, already including the updated firmware.

Digital Suicide

Lumia 820 and 920 are too big. I wish Nokia would make something smaller and hand / pocket frendlier.


I had the Nokia Lumia 800. I thought it was very nice.

I wish Nokia all the best as they are the only European manufacturer with any sort of presence with smart phones at the moment and that brings a different view on things.

The reason I got rid was because I invested a lot in apple apps and the compatibility with mac wasn't great having to use the Zune software.

If they get that sorted then they are in a prime position to capture people who get bored of iOS and Android.


I have one. More than pleased with my decision to jump ship. Thrilled in fact. IT is an EXCELLENT phone. The down side, to me, is the camera that everyone raves about. If they would just add spot metering, the world would be much better. I've seen other windows phones with spot metering so why doesn't this one? Grrrr!

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Lars Rehm

There might be a third party camera app that offers spot-metering?


Yay, finally! Does this mean that we might be in for some WP8 camera related articles.
There are other devices out there apart from the iphone guys. You managed to look at the Xperia Z within days of announcement, but you have yet to even mention the L920's low light performance or do any tests on it despite it being out months.

Lars Rehm

There'll be a 920 review out soon, so watch this space.


The 920 is a great phone it is so much better than my wife's Iphone she is jealous and looking to dump her phone!

Total comments: 13
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