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App takes hands-free panoramic video using vibration

Anyone who has ever received a call while their phone is on a glass coffee table knows that they can move with a mind of their own if they are set to vibrate. The Cycloramic app utilizes the vibrating feature on an iPhone 5 to capture hands-free panoramic video.
For $0.99 in the App Store, iPhone 5 users can take an automated panoramic video with Cycloramic. The resulting video is a little strange—the vibration noise is pretty loud—but the image is great as subjects' wait for their turn to make a funny face for the camera. The developers claim on their YouTube channel that they will be including a photo feature soon. Because of the hardware of older iPhones, Cycloramic does not work on anything but the latest model.


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It takes a jittery video because of the vibration, and no sound for the same reason. Upload qual degrades also, and the optional 720 degree rotation makes a file too large to send. Greatest use will prolly be dinner tables in restaurants. Fun to watch a couple of times, tho. Just don't do it near an edge because if it topples it could hit the floor. Phone must be naked, too.


I just get a kick out of seeing this app operate!
But as Activesack pointed out earlier, It saves the image as video clip.

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Apparently it takes a video. It's a nice start.

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Felipe Rodríguez
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I wonder if it will work with a gel case on it?

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