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Keyprop is a super portable smartphone tripod

The Keyprop works with many smartphone models.

Even if you have a smartphone tripod, you're probably not carrying it with you all the time. While there are many great portable tripods on the market, the Keyprop may be one of the most mobile we've seen.

Still in the fundraising stage on Kickstarter, the Keyprop is the size of the average house key and fits on any key ring. The Keyprop is designed to fit the iPhone 4/4S/5 and all other smartphones, including cases. You can raise and lower the angle of your smartphone using additional keys.

Its manufacturers are also developing a self-timer camera app called KeyCam, intially available only for iOS. It has a timer countdown and a Clap-to-Snap feature that starts the self-timer from a distance. 

For $15, you can pre-order a Keyprop on Kickstarter. As of this blog post, the Keyprop is 11 days away from its deadline and has raised $17,024 of its $30,000 goal. 


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Great or useless? Shooting at 45 deg angle always!

Lars Rehm

I think the idea is you put your 'real' keys underneath to adjust the angle but of course that's not exactly a precision adjustment ;-) On the other hand you won't even notice that you are carrying this might be good as an emergency 'better-than-nothing' solution.

Total comments: 2
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