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Pocket spotlight illuminates your smartphone scene

The Pocket Spotlight charges via USB and can stay on for up to an hour.

Smartphone flashes are super unattractive. At the same time, most smartphone cameras cannot handle naturally-lit, low-light situations. So what is a mobile photographer to do? For $30, the Pocket Spotlight is a bank of LED lights that casts a bright, even glow on subjects.

Measuring at 2.5" x 1.5", the external flash accessory is charged via USB and is mounted into the headphone jack of any smartphone. Fully charged, the Pocket Spotlight can last for up to an hour. For an extra $10, you can get a packet of color filters to play with a rainbow of flashes.

The Pocket Spotlight can be used for still photos as well as video.


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I bought one ! There´s NO improve at all. Forget the idea if you have flash in your camera. Save your money ! ;-(


i use a headlamp for fill in low light. for the evening landscape to be visible through the window, a long exposure was needed. to match the exposure of the room, i used 10 seconds of headlamp. no cow bell.

if the subject is within a few feet, the headlamp is no longer fill light and works fine in place of a flash.

in the sample pictures at the linked website, the device looks to be held quite close to the subject. based on those samples, my headlamp looks to be as strong.. maybe.

in a dim room (ISO3200, f/3.1, 1/13 sec. ambient), at 3 feet my headlamp allows ISO400, f/3.1, 1/30 exposure. looks like they are using the linked device within 3'...

the headlamp is a 170 lumen, 5200k Zebralight 502d. it is a hard, single point light but the linked light will not be that soft, either.

it costs more than $30
it does other things, too

just pointing out other things can be used as portable, constant light.


Lauren--this seems like the eye light that videographers and cinematographers put on top of their cameras to give sparkle to the eyes of people when they're in closeup. Is it bright enough to do that?

Lauren Crabbe

I'm not sure because I haven't had a chance to play with it. We'll hopefully get to review it sometime soon. In the meantime, I've forwarded your question to the folks at Photojojo.


I bought one ! There´s NO improve at all. Forget the idea if you have flash in your camera. Save your money ! ;-(

Total comments: 5
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